King Charles Booed By Anti Monarchy Protesters In Wales

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King Charles Wales

King Charles was received with boos and jeers as he arrived at Cardiff castle in Wales with his wife Camilla on Friday.

As royal mourners cheered and chanted “God save the King” anti monarchy protesters jeered as the King passed by the crowd in his car.

Demonstrators had also gathered outside Cardiff castle with banners displaying messages such as ‘Abolish the Monarchy’ and ‘Democracy Now’.

The Guardian reports: Charles is not universally popular in Wales and his announcement that William is to be made Prince of Wales has been greeted with anger by many. Some see it as a symbol of English oppression over Wales.

Protesting outside the cathedral, where Charles and the Queen Consort attended a service of prayer and reflection with the prime minister, Liz Truss, was Laura Thomas-Walters, 29, a conservation scientist.

She said: “In the 21st century in a democratic country, an unelected head of state has no place. It’s an antiquated system of class oppression and class inequalities, which is especially heinous at a time when inequalities are rising so fast.

“Many people this winter are going to pay their heating bills but we’re going to pay millions for a coronation, a funeral, changing stamps and Charles isn’t going to pay a penny in inheritance tax. I don’t think the Prince of Wales title should exist. If it did, it should belong to a Welsh person.”


  1. They can erase things Totally. So easy on the internet. And they do I just looked for the Perth act that’s was big news here. Gone completely gone.
    The stories on the mefia about the thousands flooding the cathedral Well I saw ior pm laying aittle cheap bunch of flowers in with the rest. There’s stuff all there and they re layed out too look as if there’s many more.
    A fraction of what Diana had
    They should ha e protected her and shouldn’t have forced her to divorce Charles when she never wanted to.
    They’ve had to saturate the mefia with stories just like covid almost, in order to build the firms reputation for Charles benefit.

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