House Democrats Vow To Ban the Term Pedophilia: ‘It’s Discriminatory’

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House Democrats to ban the 'discriminatory' term 'pedophilia'.

House Democrats have vowed to ban the terms “pedophile” and “pedophilia” because they are discriminatory against sexual preferences and gender identity.

Yes, really.

During the hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, California Rep. Katie Porter declared that the phrase “groomer” is a “lie” used to maliciously discriminate against LGBTQ+ people and make them appear to be a “threat.”

“You know, this allegation of ‘groomer’ and ‘pedophile,’ it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity,” Porter said. reports: The Democrat then complained, with the aid of Human Rights Campaign (HRC) president Kelley Robinson, that Twitter allows the “dangerous” terms to be used.

“This is not just about what happens online. What happens online translates into real harms in people’s lives,” Porter proclaimed.

The same argument was made throughout the hearing by a parade of cartoon character activists:

The claims that the term ‘groomer’ is hateful were also platformed on CNN:

The same claim was amplified by trans activist Alejandra Caraballo, who earlier this week was exposed as a hypocrite at the hearing by GOP Rep. Nancy Mace for having her own history of tweeting violent rhetoric.

Elsewhere during the hearing, another witness opined that parents shouldn’t have any right to know if their children as young as 12 are being put through gender transitions:

When asked about the many cases of de-transitioners who have spoken out about feeling they were forced into sex changes as children, another activist claimed those people don’t even exist:

We have previously covered the disturbing movement on the left to tolerate pedophilia and categorise it as some sort of sexual identity along with the likes of ‘queer,’ ‘pansexual’ and ‘intersex’.

When Elon Musk recently announced that he wanted to implement improvements on Twitter to better protect children against predators, he was attacked and labelled a ‘far right’ extremist.

In the UK, this level of nonce sense has reached the point where the police are spending time defending convicted pedophiles against ‘hate’ and enforcing the ‘correct’ use of pronouns. In Ireland, a teacher who refused to use the pronouns ‘they/them’ a the behest of one student has been thrown in PRISON.

As we have repeatedly highlighted, parents of children as young as Kindergarten age in schools throughout the U.S. have found themselves in battles against officials over books and subject matter, including transgenderism, pedophilia, and open gay pornography.

The children’s books in question contain graphic depictions of oral sex between gay men, as well as a host of other material that is objectively unsuitable for children.

Parents nation-wide have found themselves under attack by leftists, government entities, law enforcement and even the military over recent months after taking on school officials.

Where the material has been removed, LGBTQ+ activists and the media have described it as ‘book banning‘.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is heading up the gaslighting.

Earlier this week, GOP Senator Rand Paul raised the issue of doctors carrying out transgender surgeries on children, and the propaganda that has prompted a massive increase in young Americans feeling they do not have the ‘right’ body.

“Who is responsible for telling a four-year-old that we need to talk about their gender and whether they’re in the appropriate body?” Paul asked.

“Who’s talking about giving picture books to six-year-olds with illustrations of surgery to remove their genitalia?” the Senator continued.

“It’s Democrat politicians and woke left-wing people,” Paul asserted, further urging “Republicans are not perfect. But Republicans are not pushing your child to have surgery to remove their genitalia as early as elementary school.”


  1. Talk about a slippery slope… years ago I remember when they worked diligently to normalize h0m0s3xuaIity. It was incremental… first it was “tolerance”… then it was “acceptance”… then it was “celebration”… and now look at where were are; tolerance, acceptance and celebration of p3d0s? Honestly, it is worse than S0d0m and G0m0rrah today. Much worse. God’s wrath on our country will be unprecedented. Maybe New Madrid, Yellowstone and Cascadia all go at once… or maybe God just removes His hand from this once-blessed land, and slowly lets the d3m0ns pick at our carcass until there is nothing left. Either way… as a nation, there is no coming back from this. Make your own peace with God, now.

  2. Besides Katie Porter, what other elected officials Have such mental disease that they require being removed from office? Where is the list of those who facilitate baby-rapers? These are incredibly dangerous demoniacs.

  3. Discrimination is the ability to tell a difference between things. It is a function of intelligence. Even a cow must discriminate between what is safe to eat & what is not. Demorats want to bully people into ignoring this function & to rely on their Demorat masters to tell them what to believe & what to do.
    Pedophiles prey on children & children do not have the knowledge & experience to protect themselves from these wily adults. Responsible adults need to protect children from those who would take advantage of them in any way. That it why it has been the rule that NO ONE is permitted to discuss sex with children other than their own parents or those approved by their parents.

    Calling people names or insinuating they are bullies is, itself, a bully’s tactic. It is a tactic that Communists & DemoCommies use to bully & manipulate people. They have trained many of us to cower & conform to their training by using this tactic. Labeling people as racists or discriminatory has been working for them as a tactic, to limit our thinking & train us to obey them or be attacked by their Social Justice Warriors & have our lives destroyed by their lies & insinuations instead of by proof & facts. The entire idea of Social Justice as a replacement for having to PROVE someone’s guilt BEFORE you hang them is reverting to mob rule, where professional agitators can manipulate mobs to empower their political agendas. It has always been a Democratic tactic (lynch mobs) & adopted by Communists as well. As long as we are too fearful to call them out on this, they will continue to manipulate mobs to destroy our society & Nation.

  4. Liberals will legalize it soon so they can have their way with innocence. As a parent, I will protect my own with any and all necessary legal force to stop the criminal attacking my kid. Trudeau in Canada not only wants the term destigmatized, but he also changed the law to allow bestiality, because all liberals are psychopaths.

  5. No matter how you label kid diddlers, they are still kid diddlers. They all need to be sexually neutralized by whatever means are most expedient. Without hesitation or mercy.

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