DNC Boss Warns Democrats To Prepare For Huge Losses

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DNC boss Tom Perez warns Democrats must prepare for huge losses

DNC Chairman Tom Perez has warned Democrats that they need to prepare for huge losses in the upcoming November midterm elections.

Speaking to a small group of Democrats in Tennessee this week, Perez urged Democrats to lower their expectations, telling them not to give up if it “doesn’t work this time.”

Dailywire.com reports: “And you know what folks, I’d ask you one more thing; you know if it doesn’t work this time, I hope you’ll keep doing it,” Perez told the small gathering.

“I met a lot of folks who are now in the Virginia House of Delegates, one of whom lost by 52 votes the first time around, she immediately declared the next year and her opponent retired, he didn’t want to have a rematch,” Perez said.

“So I hope you’ll be persistent because I hope you’ll all win now but I hope you’re all thinking about this as a long-term investment.”

Perez’s remarks come as two Tennessee Republicans — Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and businessman Bill Lee — are leading their Democratic counterparts in their races for U.S. Senate and the state’s governorship, respectively.


  1. More good news for Big Pharma. It just keeps on getting better and better.
    First Trump wins Election…. Dems need more drugs.
    Now Perez says prepare to lose……. Dems are going to need even more drugs.

  2. Tom Perez is wasting his time in TN. I lived there for 10 yrs up until the year before last election. They voted 97% Trump and
    and vastly Republican. They are something like 97% Republican and they hate the Dem party, will NEVER vote for Dems.
    I wouldn’t waste my time, I’d focus on states where Dems could actually win. Just shows you how stupid these people are.

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