Greek Finance Minister “I Would Prefer To Cut My Arm Off”

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The Finance Minister for Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, said that he’d rather cut his arm off, than agree with bailout proposals from the Eurozone on Thursday. 

Speaking with Bloomberg TV, he was asked whether he would sign bailout proposals that didn’t include a restructuring of Greece’s debts. His response was: “I prefer to cut my arm off.” reports:


Varoufakis’ unequivocal refusal to agree to another “extend and pretend” bailout deal, as he calls them, explains why he’s promised to resign as finance minister if Greeks vote in favour of the current proposals in Sunday’s referendum.

In the Bloomberg interview, he also explained why he’s so frustrated with the Eurogroup’s refusal to let Greece restructure its debts, which even the International Monetary Fund has admitted are unsustainable.

Varoufakis said: “We’re a radical left party who’s making proposals that any bankruptcy lawyer in New York would sign up to in a jiffy.”

Greeks go to the polls on Sunday to vote on whether the country should accept the current bailout deal offered by the Eurogroup. If they do back it, Varoufakis promised Syriza would sign up.

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