Gov. Abbott: Migrant Caravan Includes Terrorists From Muslim Nations

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Gov. Abbott says the migrant caravan contains radical Islamic terrorists that have been recruited from "countries all over the globe."

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) confirmed many people’s suspicions on Tuesday morning, stating that he has spoken with the Secretary of Homeland Security about the migrant caravan heading towards the border and that many of the migrants are not impoverished Central Americans, but are actually radical Islamic terrorists that have been recruited from “countries all over the globe.”

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with both the Secretary of Homeland Security as well as the President about this, and I’ll tell you what I can tell you publicly,” said Gov. Greg Abbott said on the Glenn Beck radio show Tuesday morning.

Very importantly, in this caravan are not just people from Honduras and Guatemala. We know that some of the people in it are from countries across the entire globe. There are what we use in the lingo “SIA’s” – special interest aliens – who pose a very real dangerous threat to the security of the United States of America.

Beck mentioned reports people with terrorist ties from Malaysia, a majority Muslim nation, being part of the caravan. Gov. Abbott confirmed the report and said his Homeland Security sources told him there are also radical Islamic terrorists in the caravan from other Muslim countries. .

And I’ve heard the same thing with regard to terrorists coming from countries other than Malaysia,” Abbott said.

Listen to the segment HERE. The relevant clip begins at 25:30.

The news comes one day after President Trump told a sold-out rally in Texas that the migrant caravan included some “very bad people” that are getting paid to continue marching towards the US border, as well as stating “the Democrats had something to do with it.”

You know what’s happening right now is a large group of people, called a caravan. You know how this caravan started? You know what this means? (makes gesture indicating cash payouts) I think the Democrats had something to do with it. And now they’re saying, I think we made a big mistake. We see how bad it is. How pathetic it is. How bad our laws are. They made a big mistake. And look that is an assault on our country. And in that caravan you have some very bad people. And we can’t let that happen to our House.

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