Texas ‘Cube’ UFO Witnessed By Multiple People

Fact checked

A UFO in the shape of a cube was seen by multiple people in Texas on June 29th 2015.

As can be seen on the video below, released by YouTube user secureteam10, you can see a clear cube shaped object hovering in the sky.


In5d.com reports:

Walter C. Lance of El Paso, Texas was the first person to submit the photographs to secureteam10. Lance stated he took the photographs on June 29th, 2015 around 1PM central time during his lunch break.

According to secureteam10, Lance stated that it began to get very windy outside when a portion of the clouds began to “swirl and circle in on one another forming this portal shape”. The area within this circular vortex turned “jet black” which is when Lance took out his cellphone to take the following pictures:



This is what the UFO cube looks like when zoomed in on the image: