British Lawmaker Proposes ‘Mandatory Flu Vaccination’ for ALL Young People

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UK lawmaker proposes mandatory flu vaccination for all youngsters

British lawmaker Andrew Murrison has proposed mandatory flu vaccinations for all young people in the UK before allowing them to enter crowded venues.

“22,000 people died from seasonal flu in 2017-18. The modeling suggests this year’s season will start early, be severe and will effect younger people than COVID, a demographic that tends to go to mass events,” Murrison said.

“So have the government also been considering mandating proof of flu vaccination?” he asked. reports: Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi didn’t directly answer the question but said on the subject of flu, “The operational plan is to go early, early September, for both COVID boost and for the flu campaign.

As we previously highlighted, the list of venues that could mandate proof of COVID vaccination in the UK is already expanding, but this is the first time that a public figure has suggested flu shots should also be made compulsory for entry.

If you thought they’d leave you alone if you took the COVID-19 jab, think again.

Brits who have already taken two shots of the coronavirus vaccine are going to be asked to take another “booster” shot before the winter.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated will be more openly discriminated against as the months roll by, before eventually being forced to live under a state of de facto indefinite lockdown.


  1. More lies, more nonsense. Flu is a hoax too those people died of pnumonia or other illnesses. Theyve been pushing this for years.
    They are all following this evil agenda, the new world order.

  2. The Spanish researchers called La Quinta Columna who discovered graphene oxide in the Pfizer and AstraZeneca injections also found it in a European flu vaccine called Vaxigrip.

  3. OK, can we first see teh gas chromatography of the contents? Or, is asking for such things some kind of hate crime?

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