Deleted Emails Reveal Hillary Shared Top Secret Alien, UFO Files

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Hillary Clinton may have gained access to top secret UFO files according to information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Billionaire Philanthropist, Laurence Rockefeller, apparently requested that Hillary use her position to send him government top secret X-files on UFO and ET research. Hillary is also being accused of deleting over 30,000 emails from her private email server, some of which would have contained evidence of the X-files which have, until now, been kept secret from the public.  

Despite apologising for the email “mistake”, new evidence suggests that the former Secretary of State was privy to secret UFO files gathered by NASA, CIA, Department of Defense, Air Force and others in the 1990’s.

She was acting on a request by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, on the ‘best available UFO evidence’. Rockefeller was apparently conducting  research into ET and UFOs and with the help of the Clintons, was seeking to shed more light on the subject.

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The two following Freedom of Information Act requests show evidence of Rockefeller’s request to the Clinton’s and their correspondence with him:

Clinton Rockefeller letter 1, dated November 1st 1995

Clinton Rockefeller letter 2, dated February 5th 1996

The letters show Rockefeller’s attorney, Henry Diamond, revealing Hillary Clinton as being involved in helping draft a letter to her husband, the then President, Bill Clinton. It also shows Laurence Rockefeller, petitioning the then ‘Assisstant to President for Science and Technology’, Doctor John H Gibbons, in late 1995 early 1996.

It raises the question: Was Clinton involved in any way in a secretive effort to have classified UFO files made available to senior White House officials? If so what information did it contain?

Rockefeller intended to expose to the public the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

The following article asks:  Is there an unknown government and/or corporate entity with the power to deny sitting Presidents and their staffs access to classified UFO files? It also describes the Obama Administration’s failed attempt to secure the secret files, together with his predecessor- President Bush. reports:

Back in August 1995 Hillary was given an informal briefing by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, on the best available UFO evidence. An August 4, 1995, memo by President Clinton’s Science Advisor, Dr Jack Gibbons, confirmed that the Clintons would be vacationing with Rockefeller at his Teton Ranch in Wyoming that summer, and they would discuss UFOs: “You will probably see Mr Rockefeller on your vacation in the Tetons. He will want to talk with you about his interest in extrasensory perception, paranormal phenomenon, and UFOs.”

In the memo, Gibbons attempted to dissuade the Clintons from pursuing Rockefeller’s agenda to disclose classified national security files concerning UFOs:”He knows that we are trying to be helpful in responding to his concerns about UFO’s and human potential … but I’ve made no secret about my conviction that we must not be too diverted from more earthly imperatives.”

FOIA documents confirm the key role played by Hillary Clinton in the Clinton administration’s interest in UFOs. In a Nov 1, 1995 letter to Clinton’s Science advisor, Dr John Gibbons, Rockefeller’s attorney, Henry Diamond, revealed that Hillary Clinton was actually involved in helping draft a letter to the President. Another letter by Rockefeller himself to Gibbons on Feb 5, 1996, revealed that the Office of Science and Technology was keeping Hillary Clinton informed about the UFO discussions.

Grant Cameron, the Canadian UFO researcher responsible for requesting the release of the Clinton UFO files through FOIA, confirmed that Hillary Clinton was the Clinton administration’s point person for UFO discussions. He wrote: “Hillary time and again spoke of UFOs, UFO sightings, and the concept of the “alien invasion,” in her speeches, and in her statements to the press.”

It’s important to point out that one of the figures involved in the unsuccessful Clinton administration effort to gain access to classified UFO was John Podesta, who ultimately became Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff. Podesta subsequently became co-chair of the Presidential transition team for the Obama administration in 2008/2009 – a position where he played a key role in the selection of White House staff.

More recently, John Podesta admitted that he was involved in a secretive attempt by the Obama White House in 2014 to gain access to classified UFO files from unknown government agencies. On his final day as Counselor to President Obama on Energy and the Environment, Podesta said: “my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files.”

Podesta’s admission raises three important issues. First. in 2014, a new White House effort to secure disclosure of classified UFO files had been attempted but ultimately failed. Second, there had been earlier unsuccessful efforts by Podesta to secure the release of such files spanning the years of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Finally, there is an unknown government and/or corporate entity with the power to deny sitting Presidents and their staffs access to classified UFO files.

On the topic of Hillary’s 38,830 missing emails, we know that Hillary has had a keen interest in classified UFO files, and was the key figure in the Clinton administration’s efforts to have them either declassified or made available to senior White House staff. We also know that the Obama administration was involved in one or more secretive efforts to have classified UFO files released.

As Obama’s first Secretary of State, an important question that arises is whether Clinton was involved in any way in a secretive effort to have classified UFO files made available to senior White House officials. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is not asking Hillary whether any of her missing emails involved references to classified UFO files and Obama administration efforts to gain access to them. Perhaps in the next two years as Hillary campaigns for President, along with Podesta who moved from the Obama White House to assist her, she will be more forthcoming about her secretive efforts to gain access to classified UFO files.

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