3 California Dams ‘On Verge Of Collapse’ (Videos)

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3 dams in California are on the verge of collapse

California is bracing itself for more floods and emergency evacuations as 3 dams are at risk of collapse, according to officials. 

As FEMA officials prepare residents to evacuate the area surrounding the Oroville dam, two more dams have caused authorities in the State to worry.

Attention has shifted to Morgan Hill and Anderson Reservoir.

Beforeitsnews.com reports:

Anderson Reservoir is rapidly filling up and over its recommended capacity. The reservoir is only supposed to be at 68 percent capacity, but it is at 100.04% capacity.

Water is being released at 400 cubic feet per second, and into the spillway.

Already officials from Santa Clara Valley Water District have been dumping water as fast as they can from the reservoir, but it simply isn’t enough to offset the water streaming in from all the rain we’ve seen this winter.

That outlet has been fully open since January 9th releasing water into Coyote Creek at the rate of 400 cubic feet per second.

The concern is over the dam’s seismic safety.

The danger would lie in the possibility of a magnitude 7.25 quake on the nearby Calaveras fault.

The water district tells KTVU that is a remote possibility, but one of which they are aware.

That is why they’re working so hard to dump water as quickly as possible.

The California Department of Water Resources suspended overflow from the Oroville Dam after gushing water ripped open a sinkhole in the middle of the spillway.

Engineers assessed the options and opened up a secondary, emergency spillway on Saturday morning was at maximum capacity.

CALIFORNIA DAMS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE – First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson Reservoir




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