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10 Little Known Facts About Elon Musk

Elon Musk, with all of his space ships and fast cars, has been a popular topic of conversation as of late. But how much do people really know about the man behind the spectacular machines?

Here are 10 little known facts about him.

Number 10. He’s a Stanford dropout. Musk started pursuing a PhD at the university in 1995, but dropped out two days later. Rather than hitting the books he opted to get his first company up and running.

Number 9. Musk comes from a family of pioneers.The billionaire’s great-grandmother was first female in Canada to work as a chiropractor.

Number 8. He was once homeless. After moving to Canada in his youth, Elon found himself broke and without a place to live. To get some money rolling in he started cleaning boilers at a lumber mill.

Number 7. Musk was bullied as a child. For respite from the cruelty of his classmates he looked to his family and delved into exploring computers and business.

Number 6. Elon is the father of five. All of his children are boys. Two are twins and the others are triplets.

Number 5. He partied his way though college. While at the University of Pennsylvania Musk pulled in tuition money by hosting house parties with his roommate.

Number 4. Elon Musk moonlights as a movie producer. He’s credited as such in 5 films including ‘Thank You For Smoking’ and the documentary ‘The Rider And The Storm’.

Number 3. Musk guarantees that Teslas can survive a zombie apocalypse. Thanks to the car’s use of solar power, its maker can promise consumers that if the grid goes down and undead savages are everywhere, their car will be just fine.

Number 2. Elon’s mother is a model. She’s been one since the 1960s and in 2011 appeared on the cover of New York Magazine photoshopped as a pregnant woman of age.

Number 1. He left South Africa to avoid military service under Apartheid. Musk has said that he had no problem with serving in the army in general. It was doing so under a government that suppressed the rights of blacks that he found problematic.

What do you find the most interesting about Elon Musk?

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