Petition to Censure Mitt Romney for Voting to Convict Trump Goes Viral

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Petition to censure RINO Mitt Romney goes viral

RINO Senator Mitt Romney’s vote to convict President Trump is coming back to bite him on the ass, and he could pay the ultimate price.

Seven Trump-hating senators, including Romney, sided with Democrats and voted to convict Trump over the weekend. Despite this, Trump was acquitted and looks set to run again in 2024.

Romney also famously sided with Democrats in Trump’s 2020 impeachment witch hunt.

Now, lawmakers in Utah are looking at formally censuring Sen. Romney for being such a backstabbing traitor.

“I’ve gotten phone calls and emails, and I’m seeing a lot of chat on Facebook that people want to do a measure of censure against Sen. Romney, like we’ve seen against Liz Cheney in Wyoming, and the senator down in Louisiana,” said Bob McEntee, a member of the Utah Republican Party’s State Central Committee.

GOP State Central Committee member, Brandon Beckham, confirmed he “absolutely will” vote to censure Romney too.

“If the Republican Party doesn’t respond here in Utah, then we look weak, we look complicit. We aren’t doing our job,” Beckham said.

petition to censure Romney is now gaining momentum among Republicans.

The petition blasts Romney for “embarrassing the state of Utah” and declares that he is “an agent for the Establishment Deep State.”

In an Op-Ed for The Tribune, Republican Richard Ott argues the strong case for censuring Romney.

“Granted, Romney was right in the middle of the capitol riot. His life was in danger and was protected by a courageous police officer. He has been the subject of many personal Twitter attacks from Trump,” Ott wrote.

“It is also a fact that a majority of Utahns are not Trump supporters, so, by voting with the Democrats, Romney could reasonably say he was representing his constituents,” he continued.

“So why did Sen. Mike Lee not vote with the Democrats as well?” reports: He was one of seven GOP senators to side with Democrats and is not alone in being targeted for censure. The Republican Party of North Carolina and Louisiana quickly censured, respectively, Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Bill Cassidy for their votes.

The Wyoming GOP censured Rep. Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach Mr. Trump. Ms. Cheney, a member of the House Republican leadership team, became the new darling of Democrats for her blistering rebuke of Mr. Trump.

Ms. Cheney was among 10 House Republicans, and the only leadership member, who voted in favor of Mr. Trump’s second impeachment.


  1. I know nothing about him but always felt that he somehow is heavily connected to the nazi party of the past Some ramily ties I just feel very strongly from him .Always have .

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