Scientists At US Genetic Engineering Company Claim To Have Created A Coronavirus Vaccine

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US Scientists claim they have created a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Greffex, a genetic engineering company in Texas, told the Houston Business Journal that their vaccine is ready for animal testing and review by US regulators.

The announcement comes after UK scientists claimed they’d begun testing their vaccine and researchers at the University of Texas announced they’d made compound they believe could serve as a vaccine. 

Metro reports: However, developing a vaccine is only the first stage in the journey towards distributing one, with most experts in agreement that the period between testing and production typically takes between 18 months and two years. The firm also insisted that, for the sake of safety, scientists avoided using any form of the virus itself to make the vaccine.

Because so little is known about the virus, known as COVID-19, the experts didn’t want to run the risk of exposure or spread, MailOnline reported. Instead, they used an adenovirus – one of the most common causes of respiratory infections and behind between two and five percent of colds. Other companies vying to develop a vaccine have based theirs on ones previously manufactured during the SARS outbreak and abandoned after it subsided within six months. Scientists at the University of Texas had to recreate a molecule that makes up the spike protein on the coronavirus’ surface to produce a 3D map of the structure. They believe the compound itself can be used as a vaccine triggering an immune response to the virus.

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