Gov. DeSantis: ‘Globalist Elites Using COVID Jabs To Depopulate the Planet’

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Gov. DeSantis says elites are using Covid jabs to depopulate the planet

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has warned that the globalist elites are using COVID jabs to depopulate the planet.

DeSantis appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday to explain how Florida would be seeking accountability from criminal vaccine manufacturers and government officials pushing the dangerous and experimental shots.

“You take an mRNA shot and the way to view it is OK, what are the benefits? And what are the drawbacks? And it seems like our medical establishment never wanted to be honest with people about the potential drawbacks,” DeSantis said.

“And so, you showed a clip from Dr. Ladapo down here in Florida. And the analysis that he’s done with people, particularly young men who’ve taken the mRNA shots.” reports: The Florida governor went on to explain how other countries are already beginning to pull the COVID shot from the market amid emerging data showing the “drawbacks outweigh the benefits.”

“Look, at the end of the day, what we’re looking for is to provide truth, to provide accurate data and provide accurate analysis. And we had a great researcher from Denmark. Laura, Denmark does not allow people under 50, unless they have pre-existing conditions, to get the mRNA shots, because they’ve analyzed it, and said that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits,” he said.

“But they’ve also looked at all-cause mortality. And the researcher found that yes, in some age groups, there was a decline in COVID mortality after taking these, but there was then an increase in other types of mortality.”

“So, why have we not seen big declines in excess mortality since these things have been introduced?” he continued. “And so, we have now a panel that we’ve created in Florida, that is effectively going to function the way a CDC should function, and basically do evidence-based medicine, take study seriously that counteract the narrative and be willing to ask questions and go where the data leads.”

DeSantis also highlighted how Florida led the charge against vaccine mandate calls by the federal government and globalist groups.

“The authoritarians were the ones that wanted to mandate the vax on people, I protected people from having that happen and made sure Floridians could make their own choice,” he said.

“The authoritarians wanted to institute a vaccine passport system, almost like a social credit system. So that people who dissented from this would be marginalized from society entirely. We rejected that. And we banned it.”

“So, we were from the very beginning, helping people make their own decisions, but not using either the coercive power of the state or allowing big corporations to condition those choices,” he added.

DeSantis held a roundtable Tuesday featuring a wide array of medical experts to offer their testimony about the risks of the COVID shots, the coordinated censorship efforts by social media and government to silence dissent against the COVID narrative, and the harmful effects of the lockdowns and masks during the pandemic.


  1. I wonder if DeSantis will ever call out by name the real group… AKA… “they”… who are behind this?… Or if he will, like other controlled operators who are on the payroll, will simply continue to obscure “them” with androgynous terms like “globalist elites”. Or course, he won’t… because he would be violating the very law he signed making it a crime to question “them”.

  2. What amazes me is the lack of perception many people such as DeSantis and others have. A very large flaw in a leader…. Perhaps they should find advisors that are discerning? I knew by 3/2020 that the “terrible corona virus” wasn’t as deadly as they claimed. Of course they were lying about it’s severity so that they could force shot-compliance. Many knew that the shot was the tiny sword being used to commit genocide. Now, after 2 years politicians are using it to bolster support. Where were they 2-3 years ago, when so many knew the evil intensions?

    • you are so correct. stupid little old me knew this was going to happen in the beginning of the planned demic. I was very concerned for the first week, but then my critical thinking took hold and the holy spirit told me what this was all about. the Holy spirit didn’t lie at all and was 100% accurate, and I know the trend as to what the future holds for us also.
      Trump is no good, DeSantis is no good. they are characters playing a acting role.

      • The Holy Spirit is also called The Spirit of Truth. And yes, the plandemic illuminated those who are deceivers and those who are deceived.

  3. Nuh 1 they aren’t going to repopulate permanently That’s just obvious Humans are their MOST profitable resource All their wealth depends on people’s needs as consumers. They love killing andvalwatsxlookbfirvwats to maximise profits from that They don’t need a majority oif adults, they need families with babies and kiddies It’s the kiddies that entrap and enslave the parents into debts for housing schooling.
    They can kill them all though and make billions from the methods ie vax and billions more from thd treatments to save them. Always totally dupl
    Like DecSantos who openly admits to worshipping the Pope.
    He’s just being politically opportunist to play a role to knock Trump out, yet he’d be his best mate face to face..
    Politicians are like snakes on the grass It’s their job.

  4. BATMAN wayne MC-cormack HHMI minnie killer 5001 BIG III BAT lab at HHMI red fox bat infected with muti strains of Covid building a bioweapon4 game of take away genicide on the hughes`s GOT away and went nation wide in less than two years

  5. All part of the satanic cabal plan to kill off 95% of humanity. Read the Georgia Guidestones. They told us but almost no one took it seriously.

  6. “The authoritarians were the ones that wanted to mandate the vax on
    people, I protected people from having that happen and made sure
    Floridians could make their own choice,” he said.”

    If true, why did DeSantis sign into law that Florida has the right to *forcibly* inject people if the state medical bureaucracy deems it necessary? He is setting up Floridians for a future mandatory jabocide.

    • Yes, DeSantis also had the farce “say no gay” law. Made it illegal to teach 3rd graders and below about alternative lifestyles, but basically, as I see it, made it legal to teach 4th graders and up about faggatry. You see what they did there?
      I don’t trust DeSantis. I like what he says, if I don’t pay too close attention to the details.

  7. Deagel dot com website stated that the US population would be reduced to 100 million people by 2025. I used to visit the website occasionally to see any changes, then during the pandemic, the population forecasts page were taken down, no longer veiwable.
    but to summarize what was predicted by 2025, all the white christian nations were to have a 80% population reduction by the year 2025.
    I always was curious but skeptical of this, i figured that the elites had some sort of war planned, but when this corona virus crap started in 2020, It all came together for me, they were going to kill us with vaccines.
    Looks like I am right.
    So folks, their agenda is to kill over 200 million people in this country in the next few years. They may be delayed for push back and they may not make their goals, but this is what they want to do.
    They will use pharmaceuticals, food poisons, drug addiction, infrastructure accidents, power grid losses, riots, mass shootings, sterilizations, chemical castrations, converting children into homosexuals, but the major success with be the results of the vaccines.

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