Facebook App Is A Drain On Smartphone Batteries

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Users of Facebook’s Android app are being warned that it could be responsible for a reduced performance of their smartphones and a big drain on battery life.

The Daily Star reports:

Tests have revealed that when Facebook is installed on Android phones they can run up to 15% slower.

One Facebook fan has now taken to Reddit to reveal the findings which show a huge difference in performance when the social media app is ditched.

The test involved launching 15 popular apps in succession with each loading much faster when Facebook wasn’t installed on the phone.

The Reddit user named pbrandes_eth was so shocked by the speed issues he’s uninstalled Facebook saying: “So yeah, I think that settles it for me… I am joining the browser-app camp for now.”

As well as the dip in speed it also appears Facebook is hurting Android smartphone batteries.HDUfJqpl

In another test performed by the Guardian, the Facebook app ate its way through an extra 20% of the phone’s juice.

Their findings showed that while the Facebook app itself doesn’t consume a huge amount of power, when uninstalled the Android operating system appears to be far less battery hungry.

Daily Star Online is running our own set of power tests and we will bring you a full report soon.

For now it seems the best way to avoid the Facebook issues is to browse the site via your smartphone’s Chrome browser.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has caused power issues on phones.

Last year a glitch within the app began sucking the life out of iPhones with some users reporting a drain of almost 40%.

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