‘Aliens Exist’ – CIA Agent’s Area 51 Deathbed Confession Goes Viral

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A former CIA agent has recorded a deathbed confession admitting that aliens exist on earth and the US government is covering up evidence.

The deathbed confession of a former CIA agent and high-ranking military official has gone viral after the 77-year old government insider revealed that aliens exist on earth and the US government has been desperately covering up the evidence.

During the extraordinary video confession, the whistleblower describes seeing living aliens and extraterrestrial spacecraft that were stored at the top-secret Area 51 US Air Force military base in Nevada.

He was sent in to Area 51 on a research mission to report back to President Dwight Eisenhower, who warned of an alien invasion.

The claims were made in a video interview in which the 77-year-old man could be clearly seen, but he was not named.


The Express reports: UFO author Richard Dolan interviewed the man who said he was facing kidney failure if an operation was unsuccessful, and may have just months to live.

He claimed to have served in the US Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on the US Air Force Project Blue Book–on studies into UFOs.

His most shocking claim was to have been taken inside Area 51 to see a variety of UFOs allegedly recovered by the US military.

These were said to include a flying saucer said to have crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. Area 51 is a heavily guarded US Air Force base deep in the Nevada desert, where tests are carried out on new aircraft technology.

But, it is at the center of many aliens conspiracy theories which allege that recovered alien craft that have visited Earth are stored and tested there.

The conspiracy theories were compounded by the fact that the US Government did not acknowledge the base existed until 2013.

Other theories suggest aliens, from the crashed UFOs, are secretly kept there as well.

The man says in the video that President Dwight Eisenhower had warned of a threat of Earth being invaded by aliens, so he and his superior at the CIA were allowed inside Area 51 to report back to the president.

He claimed the pair were also taken to the alleged S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they observed “live extraterrestrials”.

Author and UFO researcher Peter Robbins said of the account:

In my opinion, if it can be confirmed by any relevant supporting documentation, this moving and fascinating account does qualify as an authentic ‘death bed’ testimony from an individual who convincingly claims to have been a CIA officer deeply involved in the matter or crashed and/or recovered craft, and at one time a liaison between the agency and the President (Truman).”

The interview was filmed in 2013, but only recently leaked on the Open Minds UFO website, and has since gone viral on social media after being shared on other UFO forums.

According to reports, the man did die soon after the recording.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Reports of UFO’s didn’t start until after WW II. Why? The more likely scenario is that the military is testing new aircraft and would rather the public think they’re Men from Mars than advanced weaponry.

  2. UFO’s have been reported for centuries, the catchall term “UFO’s” was used to catgeorise flying objects that could not be accurately identified, prior to UFO being used people just tried to describe what they saw. I don’t doubt that there are far more sophisticated craft buzzing around the planet that are definitely terrestrial in origin. But you can’t rule out extraterrestrial beings.

    I doubt very much that extraterrestrial beings would be so stupid as to go into partnership with any military force on this planet or form an alliance with any of the agencies that are in existence today, that would show them up to be very dumb or as insidious as the military and those agencies.

  3. I would love this to be true as it would really shake everyone up and everyone of us would have to have a radical rethink about our belief systems. What stops me from going for it is the fact that people like Trump and Co would be in the know. Good god, the man can’t keep his gob shut at the best of times so how would he do it with this knowledge?

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