Citizen Blair To Campaign Yet Again For More Peace In The Middle East

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Tony Blair to try again at solving the core of the Middle East problem, the Israel Palestine conflict, which would then lead to broader stability in the world

Citizen Blair
Peace giver?

Citizen Blair is set to shower the Middle East with more peace.

Tony Blair, the universal peace giver to Muslims from all over the world, specially the Middle and Near East, announced a new peace initiative during his visit to Israel on Friday. Tony ‘Peace-giver’ Blair has tried it as a prime minister and as an official peace envoy; this time it’s more personal. The emissary of peace to the Middle East, is to try his hand at it yet again but this time as Citizen Tony.

After his unsuccessful campaign to bring peace to Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Palestine and other troubled Muslim nations and failing miserably, Blair is to try yet again to bring peace to the region. He has launched a new campaign from Jerusalem, to bring peace to the people of Israel and Palestine. This time acting on his own as a private citizen, the new peace initiative should bear fruit as he now has more freedom for negotiations, according to himself.

Middle East Online reports:

Blair, who was an envoy for the Middle East peacemaking Quartet, said he was now acting as a private citizen to push for a negotiated settlement.

“What I will do both here and throughout the region is work through this Initiative for the Middle East, as I call it, to try and push and promote…a political process in the framework of the Arab peace initiative, major change on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank, and Palestinian unity on the basis of peace,” he said.

The Quartet — the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States — appointed Blair to support the Palestinian economy and institutions in preparation for eventual statehood.

But his eight-year tenure failed to produce a meaningful breakthrough, with talks between Israel and the Palestinians being frozen since April 2014.

Blair said his new role allowed him added freedom to hold frank discussions with all sides.Citizen blair

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