Video: Naked Man Filmed ‘Escaping’ Buckingham Palace Window

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Video: Naked man Filmed ‘Escaping’ Buckingham Palace window

An extraordinary video clip shows a man scaling Buckingham Palace – completely naked apart from one sock.

The drama filmed by tourists happened during the changing of the guard.

The shocking 45 second video which has been described by some as an elaborate hoax was posted on YouTube on Friday.

Buckingham palace allegedly declined to comment on the video or its validity.

The Metropolitan Police said they have not received any reports of a naked man dangling from a Buckingham Palace window.

The Ambulance Service said they have not received any calls to treat a naked man suffering from injuries sustained from a fall from a rope made of bed sheets.

So, the question remains….is the video a hoax? and if not, what was going on, why was he so anxious to escape the Palace and what happened to this man?

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