Pope Francis Rescues D.C. Cardinal Accused Of Child Rape

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Pope Francis rescues high-level Vatican official from U.S. pedophile ring investigation

Pope Francis has rescued a senior Vatican Cardinal who is wanted by D.C. police in connection to a child rape case they are investigating.

According to reports, Francis ordered Cardinal Wuerl to return to the Vatican from Washington D.C. in order to avoid arrest.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Francis reportedly wants Wuerl out of the country “lest he reveal all he knows” about the Catholic Church’s actions in the scandal.

Many speculate Cardinal Wuerl may already be in Rome.

LifeSite news reported:

Pope Francis has directed Cardinal Donald Wuerl to leave the United States “before being arrested” by authorities, Church Militant’s Michael Voris reported this evening.

The Washington, D.C. cardinal – successor to disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – and former bishop of Pittsburgh, where a recent grand jury report says he helped shuffle around and cover for sex abuser priests, is in hiding while “final plans for sneaking him out of the country are executed,” Voris reported.

According to Voris, who says he received this information from reliable sources, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) may open up a RICO case against the Catholic Church. RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a 1970 anti-organized crime, anti-racketeering law.

Because Wuerl would be a prime target of such a case, according to Voris, Pope Francis wants him out of the country lest he reveal “all he knows” because any potential DOJ case would lead to the Vatican.

“They are trying to sneak him out of the nation under Vatican diplomatic secrecy,” said Voris, noting Wuerl has backed out of a number of public events after the Pennsylvania news broke, and speculating he may be hiding at a hotel in the nation’s capital. Voris said priests of the archdiocese received a letter from Wuerl saying he was looking forward to seeing them during Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Yes!!! Follow the money. What a hypocrite world we live in. Throw the whole bunch in the jail, cease all their assets, it would probably pay for Italy’s foreign death times over

  2. ” In Christianity neither Morality nor Religion come into contact with reality at any point.” Fredrich Nietzsche

    • The RCC is NOT Christian. It’s a front for a Christian church that in reality worships and serves satan. Hence the child rape, torture, pedophilia, pedovore and other criminal activities. Truth is coming out followed very soon by justice. This was the attempt of the head pedo trying to save others who could spill the beans about him. Won’t do any good; they all will come down.

  3. Yeah…I thought so….
    If this Pope, or anyone in the RCC gives a rat about the children and these pedophiles, they would demand that the Pope defrock and excommunicate them..and hand them over to Civil Authority…Does not look as if that is EVER going to happen.
    So…no more donations come from me to my Catholic parish…and I shall lobby for my kids to NOT put my Grandchildren into Catholic schools….

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