Reports: Vaccine ‘Police’ Now Going Door-to-Door in California

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Vaccine police are now going door-to-door in California

Reports are circulating that government goons in California are roaming the streets and going door-to-door to find unvaccinated residents whom they are bullying into getting injected.

A woman on TikTok posted a video claiming that her husband received a knock at the door from officials who asked about who lives at the house and if there are any young people there who have not yet been jabbed yet.

“The vaccine police came to our house last night – I am not joking,” the woman warned her TikTok followers.

“They wanted to know if my husband was vaccinated and if we had somebody under the age of 12 in our house. They asked that two times.” reports: Shocked by being approached, the woman’s husband allegedly denied that anyone else lived there and that he was all alone. He then asked how and why he was being targeted, and the response he received is nothing short of chilling.

“My husband said he was the only one that lived there and he asked how they came to our house,” the woman further explained.

“They said – it was two women and they had lanyards and a clipboard – that our address came up as ‘residents unvaccinated.’ I don’t even know what to say. I live in California. Gavin Newsom is my governor – not by my choice – but this has got to stop.”
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