Study Finds Scented Candles Are Dangerous To Human Health

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Study finds that scented candles are toxic to humans

New studies suggest that scented candles pose a major risk to human health – and researchers have warned that breathing in the toxic fumes from these household products is more dangerous than smoking a packet of cigarettes. 

As reported in The Daily Mail, scented candles, aerosols, gels and plug-in air fresheners change the structure of our DNA due to the industrial chemicals contained within – increasing the risk of lung damage, tumors, hormonal damage, asthma, and birth defects.

All of these products contain industrial chemicals which can, among other things, transform the structure of our DNA. reports:

The scariest part? You don’t even have to light the candles to be affected because “simple evaporation” can release the pollutants into the air. Common ingredients in many products are chemicals that you probably can’t pronounce and that your body definitely doesn’t want; these chemicals can even change the structure of your DNA.

Expectant mothers might want to be especially cautious of the types of candles they bring into their homes. Some studies’ evidence suggests that hazardous substances can affect hormones, and in turn, cause problems with babies’ hormonal development.

Popular brand SC Johnson, which makes Glade products, is just one company that has faced backlash for its reportedly harmful synthetic ingredients, but the company directly addresses this information on its siteand assures it uses “the most comprehensive database worldwide of safety evaluations for fragrance materials.”

Of course, no study or statement is all-encompassing, but this information is unsettling at the very least. Will you think twice about your favorite scented candles, or is this habit just not worth giving up?

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