Communist New Zealand Is ‘One Step Closer’ to Another FULL Lockdown Despite Zero COVID Cases in Past 100+ Days

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New Zealand prepares for another full lockdown despite zero COVID cases in over 100 days

New Zealand is preparing for another full-blown lockdown despite the fact that there have been zero COVID cases in over one hundred days.

This is what tyranny looks like.

A higher Covid-19 alert level, just one step short of lockdown, has been implemented in Wellington, as authorities fear the “more dangerous” Delta strain of the virus was brought to the island country. 

According to a report by RT, New Zealand boasts zero new Covid cases in over 100 days. A quarantine-free travel bubble had been arranged with neighboring Australia but has now been halted.

There are concerns the man might have spread the Delta strain of the deadly virus. “This is a more infectious variant. The risk is higher than usual,” public health official Ashley Bloomfield said, as quoted by local media. He also said “everything’s on the table,” meaning the government cannot rule out a lockdown. RT reports: Also important to note, is that they are admitting that their savior, the “vaccine,” doesn’t work:

The infected Australian had been previously vaccinated with one dose of the AstraZeneca jab, New Zealand’s minister for Covid-19 response Chris Hipkins revealed. In New Zealand, over a million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered, according to health officials. RT

They have admitted time and time again that this experimental gene therapy does not prevent the transmission of or an infection from COVID-19.  So what’s the point? The agenda. It is a piece of the agenda.

Australia has also followed suit clamping down on people as they continue to fearmonger the public with this hoax. Measures have also been tightened over “exposure concerns” to the new variant. Gatherings and movement have been restricted in Sydney, and several neighboring states closed their borders. “We have gone from near and present danger to a very real and present danger,” local health minister Brad Hazzard told the media.

They are going to potentially lock down the slaves again for one case of the supposed “delta variant.” We live in dystopian times. What is it going to take for human beings to get off their knees and stop being slaves?


  1. Just about all of Australia’s back in lockdown All except bogey man pandemic googly eyed Vic who now they’re pretending are the Saviours All twisted sick manipulations to deceive and suck everyone I to thinking a genetically modified race is the answer to a bit of a flu And it’s right in cue with the whistleblowers allegations that they would throw us into knockdown mode again.

  2. …. having a real difficult time understanding how the fearsome, fearless and proud Maori people of NZ are allowing the draconian control of their country to breathe

    • Easy They had machine guns and the Maoris had spears .They taught them who was Boss white away .

      • And rgeb after terrorising them tbey bring out the deductions just like everywhere ,India Africa Austral7a arc, the white sugar ,a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ,in the most delightful way tobacco x white flour English currency clothing fashion language religion, and education so now they think they saved them and are their good friends too . They even have HM hotels to accommodate them. .

      • … my bad, point conceded, and mental note never take a spear (knife) to a gun fight and expect to win

    • Omg yes Thet were list way back in the 70s when the slogan was ” last one to leave turn off the lights ” Their a utopian nightmare politically Evil really Like Tasmania .

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