‘How Dare You Question Election Results…Suck it Up’ Whoopi Goldberg Tells Trump Supporters

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has questioned President Trump’s supporters for daring to question the 2020 presidential race results.

She said “how dare you question it and suggested they “suck it up” during ABC’s talk show “The View”on Monday.

Breitbart reports: Goldberg said, “I want to bring something up right now. I want to say to all those people who don’t believe that Americans actually got out and voted, let me say this to you. When you-know-who was elected four years ago, you know, Hillary Clinton didn’t say, hey, wait a minute. This doesn’t feel right. Stop the count. She didn’t say. This isn’t right. I’m not going for — she didn’t say any of that. So all of you, suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up. And if you are not sure that you are comfortable with Joe Biden, do what we did. Find things and then take it to the law, and if the law says it’s something to look at, look at it, but from now on, suck it up.”

She continued, “Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself because this is ridiculous. You’re not sure that he won. You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted, legally came out, and stood and voted. How dare you question it.”

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