MSNBC: Democrat Employees Should Move to Republican-Run States and ‘DESTROY Them’

Fact checked
MSNBC urges viewers to move to Republican-run states and ruin them

MSNBC has urged left-leaning executives and employees to move to Republican-run states and do everything in their power to destroy them.

Tom Rogers, who is both an MSNBC founder an editor-at-large at the far-left Newsweek, recently write the following in a column:

“Essentially, I am proposing creating a corporate initiative to turn demography into political destiny for key swing states. If corporate America decided that it would support a new Corporate Great Migration to swing states of women, young and diverse employees – those most likely to vote against Big Lie candidates. . .this could reshape the voter demography of those states in a short period of time. . .if corporations truly believe that the future of our democracy is at stake, is it really too radical to attempt?” reports: In the piece, which was explicitly partisan, Rogers said that “large corporations” ought to “support the Democratic Party” to ensure that the election fraud “narrative” and consequent voting reforms are shut down.

Stating a desire to bypass state legislatures and Congress, Rogers said he was inspired by the “great migration[s]” of black Americans from the South to the North starting in 1916. He claimed the moves were occasioned by economic incentives and the desire to escape “[r]acism,” while not mentioning that the racism in the South at the time came from Democrats.

In a post-pandemic world, Rogers claimed, it is easier than ever to have employees work online or “from home” while being relocated.  He advocated giving “incentives to people to move to Florida, to Texas, to North Carolina, to Georgia, to Arizona. Nice weather, lower cost of living, lower taxes, and in so doing, probably accomplish a whole lot more in terms of demography and its ultimate impact without at all affecting profits of corporations.”  Rogers did not address the fact that relocating leftist employees has the goal of changing policies to erase incentives such as “lower taxes.”

Rogers ended by claiming his proposal is both democratic and capitalistic, “We’ve got to do something and the question is, would this be a way for corporations to affect a more democratic end, which in the end is all about capitalism, too. CEOs came forward because at the heart of this, it’s how do you protect American capitalism?”

Brzezinski thanked Rogers at the end of the segment, saying, “Good debate, Tom Rogers, thank you very much for your radical proposal. Really appreciate it.”


    • People are leaving expensive places to go to less expensive places.
      Their jobs allow them do to this.
      Odd how the party of “freedom” is always advocating against people expressing their freedom.

  1. They have ruined all the Dem run cities and states. Now they want to finish the job of turning u.s. into a third world cesspool.

    • Odd, considering the least educated and most poverty stricken states are Mississipppi, Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas – all red states.
      If you think liberals are trying to destroy America by taxing the rich and educating American citizens, I don’t think you have a clear conception of what making America great means.
      You certainly can’t make America great with a population of uneducated poor people.

  2. So basically they want to use democracy to change Republican states.. who are undemocratic.
    Nowhere did I see anything about “destroying red states”, you completely fabricated that lie.
    But what can one expect from the domestic terrorists who created The Big Lie?

  3. These people are Fing bonkers, they have ruined NY and Ca and more, and won’t be satisfied until we are Africa.

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