Police Confirm Black Lives Matter Activist Was Shot in Head by Four Black Men

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Authorities confirm that black lives matter activist was shot in the head by four black men

A prominent Black Lives Matter activist in the UK was shot in the head by a gang of four black men, police have confirmed.

Sasha Johnson was left in critical condition after four men dressed in dark clothing “entered the garden of the property and discharged a firearm,” according to Met Commander Alison Heydari.

The attack occurred at 3am at a house party in Peckham, south London.

Summit.news reports: BLM activists initially tried to suggest that the shooting may have been a targeted attack, asserting that Johnson had received death threats prior to the incident.

However, police say there is no evidence Johnson was deliberately targeted and her friend Imarn Ayton told the BBC, “the incident is more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism.”

During a vigil for Johnson on Monday afternoon, BLM supporters were still erroneously blaming other entities for her shooting, with one speaker asserting, “I want to say to some of the media here, you guys caused some of this shit.”

Another speaker seemed more concerned about “white supremacist media” controlling the narrative of the story, stating, “Don’t give them a story, don’t give them a narrative, don’t give them anything until they give us something.”

Immediately after the shooting, Labour MP Diane Abbott suggested with absolutely no evidence that Johnson had been targeted for her activism, tweeting, “Nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice” with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.”

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