Department of Homeland Security Shuts Down Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’

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Ministry of Truth

The US Department of Homeland Security has finally shut down the Disinformation Governance Board

The ‘disinfo board’ was shut on Wednesday months after widespread condemnation of the project forced the agency to reconsider its position.

The creation, dubbed, ‘Biden’s Ministry if Truth’, was created earlier this year was dencounced by Republicans, eventually leading to a pause in its work & the resignation of its director Nina Jankowicz.

InfoWars reports: Citing the “prior recommendation” of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, which voted unanimously to dissolve the group last month, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas officially announced the termination of the Disinformation Governance Board and revoked its charter.

The committee’s final report affirmed that there was no need for a disinformation board, arguing the agency had fallen prey to mission creep. Instead, it was the DHS’ job to “address the disinformation threat streams that can undermine the security of our homeland,” speaking to the public in plain language and emphasizing “the importance of truth.”

Co-authored by former deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick, the report also blamed the use of the emotionally loaded term “disinformation” for sinking the project, arguing it had inflamed the public’s imagination regarding the new group’s ambitions. “The actual work of the department has been exaggerated, and the real work is extremely straightforward.

They don’t have a red pencil to correct everything in the world that’s not true,” Chertoff clarified.

Launched in April, the Disinformation Governance Board immediately came under fire from civil liberties and free speech advocates, who were already concerned about the Biden administration’s cozy relationship with social media and worried about the partisan leanings of its director, Nina Jankowicz. The author and self-styled disinformation expert previously worked for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and as a lobbyist targeting Russia and Belarus with “democracy assistance” programs while promoting disinformation of her own, including dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop as a Russian fabrication. Leaked documents reveal she was also in the employ of the UK’s Integrity Initiative, a shadowy influence operation that meddled with the political process at home and abroad under the guise of “defending democracy.”


  1. See, Joe wishes this was lost forever (rare 1987 video) on you tube
    It shows how he had to resign from even standing for politics because he was caught lying and stealingat uni as a common thief and a fraud.
    He’s the last person to talk about the truth Just because Jo’es Catholic handlers thought everyone will have forgotten what a piece of it he is, doesn’t mean they did Their arrogance and contempt for everyone, the majority of the world, who aren’t in their mob is contemptible in itself.

    • And think about you tube manipulations whilst your at it Them presenting that as if its from 1957 all blurry out if ficus, in black and white, to deceive you into thinking it was from ancient history The rest of the speech on pro Joe sites are as it really was, in colour and perfect condition enhanced even, they leave that part out and just compile the good bits of course and don’t remeber to really explain why he was FORCED to resign.
      Always deceiving and conning and manipulating Frauds fakers liars deceivers.

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