Saltire refuses to be raised over Downing Street!

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David Cameron wanted to show Scotland that the UK  is better together by flying the Scottish flag over Downing Street yeterday.

However, the plan to raise the Saltire to inspire Scots to stay in the UK got off to an inauspicious start as the flag fell down the first time workmen tried to hoist it.  Many are seeing this as an omen!

Eventually the flag was raised above Number 10, although low winds meant it could only manage a faint flutter.

Downing Street plans to fly the Saltire until after the referendum has taken place on Friday, September 19.

David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg – confirmed that they were going to miss Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Instead, the politicians will head up to Scotland and urge people to vote No in the independence referendum.

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