Security Officials: Capitol Riot Was ‘Coordinated & Planned Weeks in Advance’

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Security officials confirms Capitol riot was planned weeks in advance

A group of senior law enforcement officials have confirmed that the riot at the U.S. Capitol building was a “coordinated attack” planned weeks in advance.

In explosive testimony given to Congress on Tuesday, several security officials stated that evidence shows the storming of the Capitol building was not a spur-of-the-moment attack, but was actually planned “days if not weeks ahead” of Jan. 6th.

Since the riot, Democrats have relentlessly spun the narrative that former President Donald Trump was to blame for the attack, claiming that he “incited” people to commit violence.

Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger, former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, and Metropolitan Police Department acting chief Robert Contee all testified that they witnessed incidents during the Jan. 6th riot that made it clear the attack was “planned” and “coordinated”.

Sund testified that rioters had studied Capitol Police strategy and knew all of the building’s weak points.

“These people came specifically with equipment. You’re bringing climbing gear to a demonstration, explosives, chemical spray – you’re coming prepared,” Sund told lawmakers.

“The fact that the group attacked our West Front 20 minutes before the event at the Ellipse ended – they were planning on our agency not being at full strength at that time.”

“I think there was a significant coordination with this attack,” he added.

Daily Wire reports: Contee, Fox News adds, “also said rioters used ‘hand signals and radio communication,’ as well as a ‘coordinated use’ of chemicals.”

“I certainly believe it was coordinated,” Contee said. “As they continue to scrub social media, we are learning more and more and more that this is clearly a coordinated effort.”

“Based on the information provided by Contee and Sund, I would agree,” Irving agreed. “The evidence would indicate a coordinated attack.”

Sund noted that, because the attackers were so well-prepared, it would have been difficult for any security force to put a stop to the breach.

“No single civilian law enforcement agency – and certainly not the USCP – is trained and equipped to repel, without significant military or other law enforcement assistance, an insurrection of thousands of armed, violent, and coordinated individuals focused on breaching a building at all costs,” Sund said.

Contee went on to suggest that a pair of pipe bombs, one outside of the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters and one outside of the Republican National Committee’s headquarters, were designed to serve as distractions while rioters breached the Capitol doors. The FBI is still on the hunt for the bomber, nearly two months after the attack.

The FBI is still investigating the attacks and, on Tuesday, the agency announced that two rioters were arrested in Kentucky. They also noted, last week, in a memo obtained by the Washington Post, that there was significant evidence that “right-wing extremist” groups were plotting to attack the United States Capitol for weeks ahead of the “Stop the Steal” rally, and had coordinated on strategy.

Although the officials who testified Tuesday agreed on the characteristics of the attack, they disagreed on which security force should take the blame for failing to protect federal lawmakers, including former Vice President Mike Pence.

“The officials, including the former chief of the Capitol Police, pointed their fingers at various federal agencies — and each other — for their failure to defend the building as supporters of then-President Donald Trump overwhelmed security barriers, broke windows and doors, and sent lawmakers fleeing from the House and Senate chambers. Five people died as a result of the riot, including a Capitol Police officer and a woman who was shot as she tried to enter the House chamber with lawmakers still inside,” The Associated Press reported.