Hundreds of ‘Woke’ Twitter Employees Flee to Facebook and Google so They Can Continue Censoring Users

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Hundreds of woke Twitter employees flock to Facebook and Google

Hundreds of woke Twitter employees have fled the company and gone to work for Facebook and Google so they can satisfy their insatiable appetites to censor users, according to a Business Insider report.

The report notes that a total of 530 Twitter employees have left since Elon Musk took control of the platform, with many running directly to the tech giant’s direct competitors who are more draconian than Twitter. reports: Over 1,100 employees have left Twitter since Musk announced his intention to buy the company back in January, with almost a third going to Google or Meta.

The figures come from a new analysis of LinkedIn data, with the report noting that other workers have moved to the likes of Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap, and TikTok.

Musk, who has vowed to complete the Twitter acquisition by Friday, has said he intends to make huge staff cuts of up to 75% anyway, cutting worker numbers from around 7,500 to around 2,000 employees.

The Washington Post also notes that even if Musk doesn’t close the deal, Twitter officials have planned a $800 million cut in payroll by the end of 2023 regardless.

Musk previously mocked work-from-home enthusiasts at Apple with a lazy dog meme, and also stated that constantly working remotely is “phoning it in,” informing employees they can collect their belongings if they disagree.

In an email to Tesla employees earlier this year, Musk wrote “Remote work is no longer acceptable,” except in extreme cases.

“Anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum (and I mean *minimum*) of 40 hours per week or depart Tesla,” he wrote in correspondence then leaked by Tesla shareholder Sam Nissim.

Musk confirmed that the email was authentic and doubled down, saying anyone unhappy with it should “pretend to work somewhere else”:

Musk has promised that “work ethic expectations” at Twitter will be “extreme” when he takes over:

Yesterday, Musk was filmed entering Twitter HQ literally carrying a sink. He tweeted the footage with the caption “let that sink in,” clearly an effort to trigger his detractors:

The post prompted a barrage of memes imagining the reaction of remaining woke Twitter employees:

Meanwhile, as Twitter stock is rising, Meta is collapsing:


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        Him buying twitter, is an attempt to make the asset useful again. It is a propaganda asset to condition peoples minds as to what is “normal” and “aceptable”. they lost people logging in, so it is a dead piece of wood. they are hoping that Elon “ownership” will get people to start using it again, so they can be a little more careful about the propaganda they use. be a little more subtle with it, more tricky.

        • Agree. I also suspect Elon was/is to be used to get the younger crowd to accept having AI inserted into their brains/bodies & be part of “the internet of things.” Another source for info on these cabal freaks is Liftingthewool.wordpress dot com. I’ve spelled it out so it won’t get deleted. Enjoy your Sunday!

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