Huffington Post: ‘January 6 Riot 1000 Percent Worse Than 9/11 Attacks’

Fact checked
Huffington Post reporter says Jan 6 riots were '1000 percent' worse than 9/11

The far-left Huffington Post is now saying that the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol was far worse than the 9/11 attacks, which resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 U.S. citizens.

Yes, really.

HuffPost White House reporter S.V. Dáte responded to a detailed Twitter thread by the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, who attempted to add some perspective to the left’s desire to compare the two events.

“The 9/11 al Qaeda attacks killed roughly 3,000 people, brought down New York’s tallest skyscrapers, destroyed part of the Pentagon, crashed four passenger jetliners, and changed U.S. foreign policy for decades,” York said, explaining that the January 6 incident resulted in the “natural-causes death of one Capitol Police officer, the death of one rioter at the hands of police, the ‘acute amphetamine intoxication’ death of another rioter, and the natural causes deaths of two more.”

“Parts of the Capitol were ransacked, but not seriously enough that Congress could not meet and finish its work on the night of the riot. It was appalling, but nothing like September 11,”  York continued.

However, Dáte argued that the 9/11 terrorists “never threatened the heart of the American experiment.”

“The 1/6 terrorists and Donald Trump absolutely did exactly that,” he breathlessly said. “Trump continues that effort today.” reports: One commenter reminded Dáte that United 93 should have crashed into the U.S. Capitol but did not due to the courageous, sacrificial acts of passengers on the plane.

“You think January 6th was worse than that?” he asked Dáte, who responded, “1000 percent worse”:

Earlier this year, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) criticized Democrats who made similar comparisons, likening the January 6 riot to 9/11.

“First of all, I don’t like 9/11 being used on anything,” he said. “On 9/11, we lost 3,000 people. Three-thousand is horrific. Now, this is a tragedy in itself. But it wasn’t even close to what happened on that day,” he said.

“I think you’re seeing the Democrats just kind of throwing that back and say, ‘Listen, this was a 9/11 comparison,’” he said, repeating his stance that this “wasn’t even close.”


  1. Democratic propaganda The usual lies and fabrications Always the same, always the opposite ALWAYS

    • It’s not propaganda, 9/11 was an attack on Wall Street, and Wall Street was running the next day.
      1/6 was an attack on American democracy, enabled and covered up by the QOP Cult.
      It was worse, though there were fewer casualties and destruction.
      That’s what terrorism does. It’s designed to look worse than it is.
      Insurrections/coups, if successful, you have to make them appear less terrible than they are, you have to minimize it, exactly as the QOP cult has done for months!

  2. If it was liberals rioting in 2016, 1000% the Republicans would call it an Insurrection and demand 1000 investigations for 1000 years.
    Trump himself said in 2020 that if there were rioters, they would be “insurrectionists” and would be “put down” then him and his henchmen kneecapped capitol police and prevented them from defending the capitol.

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