President Trump: “When You’re Woke You’re a Loser – You’re Full of Sh*t!”

Fact checked
Donald Trump slams woke people as 'losers'

President Trump spoke to a huge crowd in Alabama on Saturday following Joe Biden’s gross mishandling of the Afghanistan crisis.

Trump was on top form as he ripped into the woke military, woke Biden administration, woke media, and woke athletes who think they can dictate how ordinary Americans live their lives.

President TrumpDo you think George Patton was woke? You know what it means when you’re woke. When you’re woke you’e a loser. When you’re woke, everything woke turns to shit.

He then went on to rip woke athlete Megan Rapinoe.



  1. There is no virus. The genome sequence was emailed from CHINA to those who built the “vaccine”. It is all a big lie.

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