Texas Day Care Owner Accused Of Tying Up Toddlers In Car Seats For Hours

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The owner of a day care care center in Texas is facing nine counts of child endangerment after a complaint regarding how she handled the infants and toddlers in her care led to the police searching her home on Friday. 

60 year old Rebecca Anderson was arrested after a hidden camera reportedly caught her tying small children to their car seats and leaving them in a dark closet for hours. She is also accused of giving babies pain relievers to make them sleep.

Anderson owned and operated the child care facility ‘Becky’s Home Child Care’ from her home in Mesquite.

RT reports:The arrest warrant affidavit alleges that Anderson kept the small children tied up for at least seven hours a day. According to police, Anderson said five kids were inside the house when they arrived on Friday, however four more were found in a dark closet with shoelace-like ropes tied around their necks.

The warrant also claims the owner yanked a six-month-old baby by the bib and drugged them with “unnecessary doses” of acetaminophen to keep them quiet. Anderson reportedly admitted to police that “she had likely given Tylenol to all of the children”.

The father of one of the children said he witnessed the abuse, and Anderson feeding his child something with a syringe, via a hidden camera he attached to his baby’s car seat after he became suspicious.

The children were taken to the Children’s Hospital in Dallas for evaluation. Anderson was booked on nine counts of child endangerment at Dallas County Jail, with bond set at $62,000.

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