Global Elite Vow To BAN Anti-Pedophile Movie ‘Sound of Freedom’

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The global elite are attempting to ban Sound of Freedom, in an effort to stop as many people as possible from seeing the hit film and learning about the scale of the child sex industry.

A World Economic Forum insider has confirmed the WEF are calling on world governments to ban Sound of Freedom, in an effort to stop as many people as possible from seeing the hit film and learning about the scale of the child sex industry.

Even more disturbingly, everyone who purchases a ticket is being placed on a social credit score blacklist in anticipation of the social credit scheme being rolled out in coming years.

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According to the mainstream media, pedophilia and child trafficking is not a problem, and we should all sit down and shut up or else risk being fact checked and shamed on social media.

News flash: the mainstream media are shamelessly spreading fake news.

Sex trafficking — especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls — is big business in America. In recent years, it was the fastest growing business in organized crime and children were the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is exploited in the sex industry.

This is America’s dirty little secret.

And in the entertainment industry, pedophilia is so entrenched that you can hardly even call it a secret anymore.

Disney and Hollywood are full of pedophiles. Project Monarch, or MK Ultra, is still being used to indoctrinate many children in the form of “normalizing” their abuse.

Just ask yourself, how many young Disney stars have either blown the whistle on pedophilia in the industry… or taken the other route, stayed quiet, and grown up to become porn stars?

The list is endless.

This is an open secret in the industry and the elites are terrified that the masses are in the process of waking up to the truth.

Disney fought in the courts for five years to keep Sound of Freedom from being released. Should we be surprised? Disney employs many open pedophiles, and has even re-employed convicted pedophiles after they served light sentences.

Hollywood has been preying on children since at least the 1930s including child stars Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, who wrote that she was constantly molested behind the scenes by powerful men including MGM co-founder Louis B. Meyer.

Shirley Temple also spoke out about the culture of pedophilia in the Hollywood system.

As Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel told Charlie Kirk this week, government, cartels and alphabet agencies are all involved in human trafficking and they are desperate to keep the masses in the dark about the scale of the business.

This is why mainstream media is now attacking the film at every opportunity on behalf of their masters.

CNN, the least trusted name in news, is the nexus between the media, government, and the CIA, so it should come as no surprise that they have been at the forefront of the attacks on Sound of Freedom.

The elite are so afraid of this movie that they wheeled out a Rothschild, a blood relative of Lord Jacob and Evelyn de Rothschild, to tell the CNN audience not to buy tickets or watch this supposedly “dangerous” film under any circumstances.

CNN has history when it comes to lying to their audience and banning them from learning new information that could change their brainwashed worldview.

In the final days of the 2016 election, now-disgraced host Chris Cuomo told the CNN audience not to read Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks … because that would be illegal.

Thousands of people across America have reported that cinemas are trying to make the experience of watching Sound of Freedom as unpleasant as possible to stop people buying tickets.

The attempt to suppress the anti-child trafficking film should come as no surprise considering Blackrock own majority shares in AMC Theatres.

The left, the mainstream media, and even movie theatres are attempting to suppress this film. Tim Ballard, the real-life hero the movie is based on, has also endured relentless attacks over the last few years.

Why would the left do this? Well, Ballard met with Trump in 2019 and sounded off on child trafficking. Perhaps the mystery has been solved. Watch:

Trump is now committed to ending child trafficking, even showing a screening of Sound of Freedom in Bedminster, New Jersey.

One of the film’s producers, Eduardo Verastegui, was also a member of one of Trump’s Advisory Commissions.

Meanwhile Biden is continuing to make a bee-line for any young girl whose parents were foolish enough to let her anywhere near him. Remember, this is the man whose own daughter Ashley wrote a diary documenting his molestation of her during her childhood.

There is a war raging for the soul of America and our children are in the front line. The battle lines could not be any clearer.

A movie about child trafficking should not be a left and right issue. There should be no question that saving children from a life of rape and abuse is a noble endeavor.

Of course, the mainstream has been co-opted by the World Economic Forum, and they will try to cancel you and put you on a blacklist if you dare to speak sense about any of these issues. According to the mainstream in 2020, obesity is healthy. Hunter Biden is the model first son. Abortion is love. And the vaccines are not causing young and healthy people to keel over and die.

George Orwell warned us about about these times. He said the elite would convince us that war is peace. How right he was.

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