Al Sharpton Kicked Out of Texas by Angry Protestors: ‘We Dont Want Your Vile Racism Here’

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Al Sharpton kicked out of Texas by angry protestors

Democrat operative Al Sharpton was confronted by an angry mob of protestors during his press conference at the southern border encampment in Del, Rio Texas.

Shortly after touring the area linking Del Rio with Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, Sharpton then attempted to deliver a speech.

But the racist 66-year-old was forced to retreat as furious onlookers shouted him down.


One protester could be heard chanting, “we don’t want your racism in Texas.”

Sharpton falsely claimed US Customs and Border Patrol were using “slave-like tactics” against the influx of migrants attempting to pour across the border.

“We went for an hour and toured the place that we feel is a real catastrophic and human disgrace as people around this world watch the Border Patrol use slave-like techniques — mounted on horses,” Sharpton lied.

“It compelled us to come and show our voices and our presence.”

Two onlookers then asked Sharpton, “how much money are you making out of this?”

Another asked, “why are you stoking racism where it doesn’t exist?”

Ignoring them, Sharpton then called for ICE officers to be ‘fully investigated’ and for “those that were fully involved to face justice.”

He added that there should be “full asylum rights given to those that deserve it.”

But as Sharpton continued his hate-filled spech, protesters began shouting: “we don’t want your racism in Texas!”

“The Trump supporters and the right-wingers can scream all they want,” Sharpton said above the chants.

“We gon’ continue to come back.

“We gon’ stand with our people to make sure that asylum [seekers] is treated in one way and one manner.

“And we will continue to come back over and over again.”

New York Post reports: The civil rights activist called for the Border Patrol officers to be “fully investigated” and for “those that were fully involved to face justice,” as well as for “full asylum rights given to those that deserve it.”

All the while, the protesters kept up their relentless heckling.

“We denounce your racism and your hatred!” they cried. “Get out of Texas! Get out of Texas! Our Border Patrol agents are heroes! Our Border Patrol agents are heroes! Get out of here!”

As Sharpton turned away from the microphones after speaking for approximately two-and-a-half minutes, the hecklers sent him off with a final salvo of “race-baiter” and “pay your taxes.”

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials said Thursday that 4,050 migrants remained at the encampment as of Thursday. The department announced late Wednesday that 1,401 migrants had been deported to Haiti while another 3,206 had been either expelled under the pandemic-induced authority known as Title 42 or released into the US.

Thousands more migrants are believed to have crossed back into Mexico to take their chances on claiming asylum there.

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