CNN Claims Reading WikiLeaks Is Illegal In America

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CNN told viewers it is illegal for them to read WikiLeaks emails, but it is OK for them to let the network tell them what is in them.

CNN lied to their viewers telling them it is illegal to access and read WikiLeaks releases, and suggested the public should rely entirely on mainstream media to tell them what is in the emails.

In reality, for Americans in the land of the free, viewing the material is protected under the First Amendment.

Chris Cuomo is spreading false information so that the mainstream media can control the narrative of the WikiLeaks releases that are proving damaging to the Clinton campaign. His face and body language give him away. Watch him deliver the bare-faced lie while glancing sideways with a sly grin.

Cuomo also failed to mention that the reason WikiLeaks exists is that CNN and mainstream media have killed journalism and replaced it with propaganda and disinformation.

Will this shameless attempt at lying to people about their First Amendment rights and scaring them from thinking for themselves backfire on CNN?

The segment prompted an outcry on Twitter, with users calling out CNN’s scare tactics and propaganda.

Baxter Dmitry
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