Over 400 Church Leaders To Resign Over Ashley Madison Hacks

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Ashley Madison

Men and women across the globe are being affected by the Ashley Madison hack.  The website, designed for married couples to cheat on one another, has had a ripple affect through entertainment an politics.  Now, reports are indicating that as many as 400 pastors, elders, deacons, and church staff members will resign this Sunday after their names have surfaced on the list exposed by the Ashley Madison hack.

From Relevant Magazine:

In a post on his Christianity Today blog, The Exchange, Stetzer said the number is based on “conversations with leaders from several denominations in the U.S. and Canada,” adding, “To be honest, the number of pastors and church leaders on Ashley Madison is much lower than the number of those looking to have an affair.”

Along with being a contributing editor for CT, author and professor, Stetzer is the executive director of LifeWay Research, and a well-regarded expert on church leadership. He is also the executive editor of the Christian leadership publication Facts & Trends. All that to say, Stetzer is well-informed, and his number is likely accurate.

Former social conservative lobbyist and Christian reality TV star Josh Duggar and Christian vlogger Sam Rader recently released their own statements, acknowledging that they were both users of the site, which facilitates adultery.