Mother Sues School After Son Forced To Sign False ‘ISIS’ Confession

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Mother Sues School After Son Forced To Sign False ‘ISIS’ Confession

A lawsuit was filed this week after a mother claimed that a New York principal forced her 12 year old son to confess allegiance to ISIS.

According to the lawsuit, a bullying incident at a Long Island school turned into a violation of civil rights when the principal forced the victim, a 12-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties, to sign a false confession that he was a terrorist and an ISIS supporter.

RT reports:

The complaint refers to an incident in January this year, when Nashwan Uppal, a seventh grader, was bullied by a group of students, who called him a “terrorist” and asked him what he was going to  while at the cafeteria of the East Islip Middle School.

The lawsuit, filed in a Central Islip Eastern District Court on Monday, named the school district as a defendant.

Uppal, a special needs student, repeatedly tried to get away, but in an effort to get the children to stop, he acquiesced and is alleged to have told the them he was a terrorist and was going to blow up the fence, according to the lawsuit.

The family stated that because of his learning disability, Uppal thought “terrorist” meant “tourist,” and the fence was the first thing he saw when he looked out of the window.

The next day, Uppal was taken to the assistant principal’s office who interrogated him along with the school’s principal, where he was asked repeatedly if he was a terrorist, if he made bombs, if he knew who “Osama” was, and if he was part of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), according to the complaint.

The school principal Mark Bernard and assistant principal Jason Stanton are alleged to have demanded he write a confession stating he was part of IS, knew how to make bombs and was going to blow up the school, according to the complaint.

The family maintains that he was forced to write the confession under “extreme duress” and had his civil rights violated. His backpack and locker were also searched.

Amor Uppal told WPIX in January that her son was also questioned by police officers and that the family consented to having their home searched.

East Islip police told WPIX they found no case of wrongdoing by the boy, who was suspended for five days from school.

The lawsuit said Uppal suffered from “severe and extreme emotional distress,” including “nightmares, sleeplessness, crying, fear, humiliation and stress,” as a result of the incident.


  1. Mr. Bernard and Mr. Stanton appear to be more qualified for a job at Gitmo than at any school district in America. It sounds like they would have gladly water boarded Uppal if they could have to get him to confess and sign the papers! I suggest that both Bernard and Stanton be removed from their positions immediately and be replaced with someone who understands what a ‘special needs student’ is, what a ‘learning disability’ means for a 12 year old seventh grader, and is in touch with reality. It is bad enough that he was bullied by other students, but to be bullied by the very people that run the school and are supposed to protect him is completely out of line and is insane at the very least.

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