American Patriots Bring Rally to POTUS; Massive Crowd Outside Walter Reed Chant “Four More Years”

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American patriots bring rally to Walter Reed hospital, chanting 'four more years'

A massive crowd of Trump supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital has grown over the last 24 hours, with many carrying signs and carrying Trump banners to show support for our POTUS.

On Friday night, Trump noticed the gathering of supporters outside of the hospital and sent his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows out to thank them.

Meadows greeted the supporters with a big bag of chocolates courtesy of President Trump. He spoke to the group and told them that POTUS is doing extremely well.

WATCH: reports: The president sent a small token of thanks so the supporters:

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Earlier today, CBS reporter Catherine Herridge shared a letter from President Trump’s physicians regarding his state of health, calming the fears of many Americans who don’t trust many in the media. In the letter posted by Herridge on Twitter, President Trump’s physicians state that he has started Remdesivir therapy to treat the symptoms of COVID and is doing “very well.”

Meanwhile, the small group of Trump supporters who waited outside of Walter Reed Hospital has grown over the last 24 hours, carrying signs and Trump banners to show their support for our President.

CBS reporter Catherine Herridge tweeted about the crowd, sharing a video of the enthusiastic Trump supporters and saying, “If President Trump looks out his window at Walter Reed.”

On Staten Island in New York, another large crowd of Trump supporters show their love for President Trump:

A nationwide candlelight vigil is being planned for tonight at 8:45 PM EST. If you can’t find a vigil in your city, start one. If you aren’t able to start a candlelight vigil for Trump in your city, stand in your front yard with a candle and pray for him and our First Lady.

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