MAGA Officially Declared ‘White Supremacy’ in Iowa Schools

Fact checked
MAGA being taught as 'white supremacy' in Iowa schools

Schools in Iowa are instructing teachers that “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) is a form of ‘white supremacy,’ according to leaked documents obtained by Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson.

Mandatory Critical Race Theory (CRT) training materials for one of Iowa’s largest school districts lists the following as examples of white supremacy (both ‘overt’ and ‘covert’); Columbus Day, American immigration law, the belief that America is “post racial,” mass incarceration, and MAGA.

Johnson reports that hundreds of teachers have been forced to to participate in the training, which will be taught to children across the district next semester.


  1. Nothing could be further from the truth, always the sane always the opposite The Democrats are working as agents of the ultimate white supremacists.And always using deceiving conniving lying manipulating .

  2. MLK is spinning in his grave. The Democrats will eventually have to start tearing down his statues and removing his name from the thousands streets in American cities. “Don’t judge me by the color of my skin” will soon be an example of White Supremacy, just like MAGA.

    Just how insane do Democrat politicians have to be before their voters open their eyes?

    Where do this ‘leftist’ live in lah lah land? AMERICA stand for ALL colors, ALL creeds, ALL genders and all religions!
    Stop this BS of white supremacy… There are white veterans, elderly, families living below the poverty level, as there are black and latino but you never hear about that… Why does OUR government take care of ALL people rather than pander to those in power or what the flavor of the day is…
    The Democrats are trying to turn Americans against each other… note that a lot of the anti white force is in fact white – Go figure, if they hate the color of their skin… well there is but one answer…

  4. Reverse-racist propaganda at its worst! Children are supposed to be in school to learn, not to be indoctrinated by this anti-White, lying propaganda! This stuff is in itself a hate crime against Whites. The parents of Iowa should band together to fight this evil brainwashing of their children.
    Who created this lying propaganda? Some White-hating Socialist who admires Karl Marx?
    I suppose the next thing they will teach is that our Founding Fathers were all White Supremacists.
    For the record, I believe in the competent White male, so I guess that makes me a White Male Supremacist. However, keep in mind that White males created the Constitution, which gives these hate-mongers the right of free speech so they can spread their lies. Can you imagine a school in China teaching anti-Mao Ze Dong propaganda?
    Our educational institutions are supposed to impart valuable knowledge, not hate-filled propaganda.

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