Kamala Harris Tells Democrat Voters To Knock on Doors and Harass Unvaccinated People

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Kamala Harris encourages voters to knock on doors and harass unvaccinated people

Kamala Harris literally told a group of Democrat activists to knock on doors of unvaccinated citizens and harrass them into getting one so that Biden’s July 4th vaccine goal doesn’t fail.

The Biden administration set a goal recently to fully vaccinate 70% of Americans by July 4th. They look set to fail that goal.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Americans are refusing to get the Covid vaccine for many different reasons, but the Biden Admin is pushing for 70% vaccination so they can wield power over the unvaccinated.

This has nothing to do with saving lives.

It’s all about power.

Kamala Harris told so-called ‘volunteers’ in Atlanta to knock on doors and harass people who may be hesitating to get the vaccine for one reason or another.

Harris even gave the activists several pointers on how to overcome objections.

“For example, if you knock on the door and someone says they ‘don’t have the time to get the vaccine’ — because people are busy. They’re just trying to just make it through the day. Or they say that pharmacies are never open when they do have time, well, let’s address that. Because now, you can let them know that pharmacies across our country are keeping their doors open for 24 hours on Fridays in June, including today. Because we need to meet people where they are! Some folks are working two jobs…” Harris said.

“And what if they say they can’t miss work? Well, you can tell them that there are employers across the country who are offering paid time off for their employees to get vaccinated and we want to encourage and challenge more employers to do the same,’ she said.

Have young children? Kamala’s got you covered.

“Other folks who need time to recover after they get the shot, right? And may need a little moment where they need some help with their kids. So we have partnered with the YMCA, with KinderCare, and the Learning Care Group to provide free childcare for both vaccination and recovery. We need to meet people where they are.”

“You might run across people as you’re out talking and knocking, folks might say, ‘I don’t have a car’ or ‘there’s no public transportation or bus that comes by my house.’ And that’s fair, because how can we expect them to get to a vaccination site? Well, now, as part of the solution, rideshare companies are giving free rides to and from vaccination centers,” Kamala said.



  1. Practically none of the the “excuses” she listed are real reasons why folks don’t want the vaccine.

    • No shes a fraud She shouldnt even be there Shes a prop on a sideshow pretending to be the government . They all are ,the smart ones know it They’re job is to deceive the world that thay are the government The dumb ones think it’s all real .

  2. You may have seen videos of people with metal objects sticking to them. This is the result of a process called “Magnetofection,” which was deliberately added to the injections to make them more powerful to force mRNA into every cell. Dr. Jane Ruby discusses this at bitchute DOT com/video/OmpL3GdVFyNY/ And researcher Polly St. George says that this magnetism may be used for mind control in the near future. See her analysis at rumble DOT com/violu7-magnetic-nanoparticles-in-the-injections-masks-and-swabs.html

    • The act if creation was the same or equal before science chi God even that Bow genetic modification a d if means people arent created equal .And the act was equal but babies were born u equal Some without limbs or blind or still birth or whatever.Creation by sexual reproduction was equal .Before And the law and ” community ” values made sute the class boundaries and distinctions stopped any mother thinking her baby was equal to the ruling family

      • My username is derived from the Declaration of Independence: “…all men are created equal.” That means in rights, not in other ways. I changed it to humans because in Old English the word “men” meant both “wer (male)-men” (which survives in “were-wolf”), and “wo-men.”

  3. Evil pos should be dragged out of whitehouse kicking and screaming. Televise the global bastille day.

  4. There is no legitimacy to the “pandemic”, and there is no legitimacy to the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine is not intended to make anyone healthier (really, is any vaccine?). On the contrary, the COVID-19 vaccine is intended to make people sick over the short term and very sick over the long term; it has already killed thousands and sickened tens of thousands worldwide. The COVID-19 vaccine is not even a real vaccine — it is a recombinant RNA genetic modifier.

  5. If somebody knocks on your door asking you to take the NON-FDA APPROVED jab, ask that somebody if they will assume financial responsibility for you and your family if death or some type of serious disability occurs? The sad truth is, if something like that happens you and your family are totally on your own. Kamala Harris is clueless and wrong!

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