VP Kamala Harris Hails’ America’s ‘Strong Alliance’ With ‘North Korea’

Fact checked
Kamala Harris hails America's strong alliance with North Korea

Vice President Kamala Harris hailed America’s strong bonds with North Korea during a Thursday press briefing after visiting the demilitarized zone.

“The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance, with the Republic of North Korea, and it is an alliance that is strong and enduring,” VP Harris told stunned reporters.

Informationliberation.com reports: Trump was criticized by Democrats and the media for engaging in diplomacy with North Korea but it looks like the Biden regime has come around.

Finally, there’s one country the Globalist American Empire is not at war with!


  1. Is dementia contagious? Harris has never been competent or intelligent enough to be Vice President or OMG potentially President. But as gaffs go hers is a provocative one. There is no compelling reason the US can’t have a better relation with North Korea. Mutually stepping back from threats and counter threats a good start. But wait! Trump tried to jump start moves toward a more normal relationship between the US and the Koreas and Pompeo and Bolton and the Washington consensus threw him under the bus and ran him over.

    • Everyone does. She’s an idiot That’s why they’re using her. They like that Do much easier yo control idiots do they put on power everywhere on the globe and tell them they’re ever so clever.

      • It’s getting to the point now where Joe Biden and his Deep State may have only one option left and that is a sneak nuclear attack on Russia.

  2. Strong meaning strength and when there is strength in the bond we put down the guns and when we put down the guns we also put the nukes down. And when we put the guns and nukes down that is the meaning of strong, strength, enduring bond.
    Kim’s reply? Excuse me one second Mrs. Kamel Toes my generals just called it is time for me to push another button!!

    • What kamal does know, and what message ages really sending loud and clear is that China totally finds North korea and supplies all of its military stuff and she’s saying to China just dump your pal russia and we won’t kill you. That’s what she’s saying to kimmy and Xi. Literally.
      And of course its exactly like ww1 where the tsar never would have mobilised at all except that Wilson said oh trust us were your good friends, well be there for you right by your side You’ll be safe with us.
      Then when he heard they had been butchered in a basement, said, oh that’s good news Thays, exactly what this war was for.

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