Joe Biden’s Gun Plan Will Bankrupt Firearms Industry, Experts Warn

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Joe Biden's gun plan threatens to destroy the firearms industry

Joe Biden’s strict gun control plan, which in part seeks to abolish liability protections on firearms manufacturers and dealers, will likely bankrupt the weapons industry, two experts have warned.

The former vice president’s “Plan To End Our Gun Violence Epidemic” seeks to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act, which grants firearms dealers and manufacturers legal protection against lawsuits that may result from the illegal use of weapons or ammunition.

Such a measure would expose sellers to wrongful death and injury lawsuits that target the weapon, rather than the perpetrator, senior vice president of the Gun Owners of America Erich Pratt said.

“[Biden’s plan] means that gun manufacturers could ultimately be put out of business through frivolous lawsuits,” Pratt said in a phone interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It’s totally irresponsible, imagine holding Ford or GM responsible for the damage caused by hit-and-run drivers. We wouldn’t tolerate that and yet that’s exactly the type of legal theory they’re trying to put on gun manufacturers.” reports: Kevin Jamison, a Missouri self-defense lawyer and firearms trainer, said “The guys pushing these lawsuits, they don’t care if they win. They care if they can force these companies to hemorrhage money. They are in the business of putting gun companies out of business.”

Remington Arms Company, which has been producing firearms since 1816, went bankrupt in late September after the corporation was sued by the families of the victims involved in the deadly 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, according to Fox Business. The gunman used a Bushmaster, a sub-company of Remington, AR-15 during the shooting, Fox reported.

The families argued that the Bushmaster XM15-E2X “posed an unreasonable and egregious risk of physical risk to others” and insisted that the 200-year-old gun company was negligent in selling the weapon to civilians, according to WBUR. Outdoor retail giant Cabela’s was also sued in early November for selling ammunition to a 19-year-old who accidentally killed a friend with a handgun, The Buffalo News reported.

Pratt said the country will be seeing “more” of these lawsuits and he added that Remington’s bankruptcy “was the desired intent” of the legal procedure. Jamison called the theories behind the gun litigation “absurd” and said the lawsuits have been allowed to continue even under the Commerce In Arms Act because of misguided courts. 

“They’ve gotten away with it because the courts have indulged these absurd theories of law,” the gun lawyer said. “It’s a disaster. It has been very bad the last few years, yes, but it’s going to be the death of mom and pop and gun shops — individually-owned gun shops — and some of these companies.” 

Pratt sees the potential for America’s gun industry as a whole to crumble under the weight of litigation that could result from Biden’s plan.

“The idea of the left would be ‘oh sure you can have a Second Amendment right, too bad you just can’t find any guns that are being produced and manufactured,’” he said.

Jamison said, “If they destroy enough companies or force them to adopt their rules of procedure then there will be no place to buy guns and that’s what they’re looking for. They want to make it as expensive to own a gun as humanly possible — and as difficult. If they get even part of their wish list, they won.” 

Everytown For Gun Safety, a prominent anti-Second Amendment organization, which supports a position similar to Biden, said the Commerce In Arms Act allows “manufacturers and sellers” to “skirt the law” and “shield” themselves from legal repercussions.

“An extraordinary law has provided gun manufacturers and sellers who skirt the law with a unique, broad immunity from legal accountability. [The Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act] PLCAA gives gun industry members a shield from the lawsuits that are most often used in the United States to hold businesses accountable for products or practices that harm people,” the organization wrote on their webpage.

“PLCAA blocks legal responsibility for gun manufacturers that have failed to innovate and make guns safer, and for manufacturers, distributors and dealers with irresponsible, reckless and negligent sales practices that contribute to the flood of illegal firearms in our communities.”

The two advocates, who firmly disagree with Everytown’s view, said protections for the gun industry hinge on the Senate races in Georgia which will determine party control of the Senate. If Democrats obtain both seats, they would have control of both congressional chambers come January. 

“All we can hope for is that Joe Biden does not have his allies in control of both Houses, even then it’s going to be a war every day for the next four years,” Jamison said. “We’ve just got to buckle down, make sacrifices, build up a war chest to finance this litigation.” 

The gun lawyer remains hopeful that fight could be won in his favor.

“We can win this thing, but it’s not going to be easy, simple or cheap,” he told the DCNF.


  1. Disarming all Democrat-Neocons would stop all gun crime in the US, but Democrat-Neocons won’t do this because fundamentally all Democrat-Neocons are organized violent criminals.

    Democrat-Neocons wouldn’t be able to continue being organized violent criminals unless they had guns.

  2. Somebody suggested that gun owners need to have a specific time of day, on a specific day that they will all fire their weapons into the air or safe earth bank. This can be done safely and would send a clear signal to the deep state oppressors.

    I heard that a very safe option to protest against the electronic surveillance state, and it is considered to be non-violent, is for example, 10,000 people in a city to run their microwaves outside pointed up with the door open and safety button depressed. The electromagnetic energy would dwarf the largest radio transmitters which equal less than 100 micro wave ovens. of energy It’s power the people have that they don’t even know of. Call it the microwave oven revolt if you will.

  3. He ,serving them ,because he has NO CHOICE if he doesnt want to be in jail ,wants everyone defenseless against their totalitarain tyrrany .

  4. Biden is merely one more despot who wants to dismantle the most productive & most inventive country in the world. The U.S. is/was the very pivot point for all industry, in the world, and now it shall be ruined by false narratives & evil men & women, who can never be successful in the real world, because they have no moral compass.

    All types of danger has existed from the beginning, and nobody can stop it. Evildoers need to turn to The Creator for TRUTH.

    Bankrupt manufacturers will merely be the seed for small Mom & Pop manufacturers to sprout up, as the foolish dismantling of the United States continues, in earnest. The eventual outcome shall not surprise historians in the least. Liberalism & anti-business/ anti-liberty advocates shall ALWAYS be wrong-headed and destructive, even as many new portions of wide-eyed generations repeat the same historical errors over & over.

    So few learn from mistakes, as despots & “iggerant” politicians, who contribute so little to the good of society, always seem to rise to the top, while hard-working entrepreneurs, workers, and other TRUE contributors to our society spend their lives producing goods & services, while simultaneously working to counter the horrors that the non-working pollies & despots create. So it goes. Thank you “People’s Voice” for being a nice ray of sunshine.


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