Ghost Squad Takes Bank Of Israel And Israeli PM Offline

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The official websites of the Bank of Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister were taken down by Ghost Squad hackers on Sunday.

The official websites of the Bank of Israel and the Israeli Prime Minister were taken down by Ghost Squad hackers on Sunday. Both sites were targeted under the banner of OpIsrael, an online operation started by Anonymous in 2013.

S1ege, one of the hackers from Ghost Squad, told HackRead:

We found a denial of service exploit on Israeli prime minister office website and it’s been down for 72 hours and counting.

S1ege confirmed that the attack was conducted in support of Palestine and there are plans to coordinate more attacks to continue raising international awareness regarding the Palestinian issue.

We the GSH are not against anyone but injustice and it’s obvious what’s going on in Palestine is injustice and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal,” said S1ege.

Ghost Squad posted a video online criticizing mainstream media for remaining silent in the face of Israeli atrocities, and challenging the Israeli Prime Minister to acknowledge the “genocide of Palestine.

Our attacks will continue until you speak of the genocide of Palestine from Zionist Israel, or we will continue to forcibly silence you.”

Speaking to Softpedia, S1ege mentioned plans for further attacks that will be launched in coming days.

We are attacking Israel for the ongoing atrocities they are committing on the Palestinian people. They just recently bombed Gaza again. The genocide needs to end. They are expanding an empire into land/ground that they do not own, over a book. There is a perpetual silence in the mainstream media. We hope our attacks will bring more awareness to this subject and bring more protests to this issue. 

“Yes we have some attacks planned for Israel. We, in [the] past, leaked IDF [Israel Defense Force]’s database. We plan to do similar attacks in the future if there is no word of the ongoing genocide in Israel. The United States mainstream media works as stenographers for the U.S. government and speaks nothing of this its corruption at it’s finest. We will not stand idly by and let it continue. We also plan to attack the Syrian government. ”

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