UK Police Force Elderly Grandma to Stop Feeding Pigeons ‘Because of Coronavirus’

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UK police tell elderly woman to stop feeding pigeons because of coronavirus

Disturbing video footage out of London shows an elderly grandmother being threatened by police for daring to feed some pigeons outside.

No, this is NOT satire.

The frail old woman was throwing pieces of bread to the pigeons before she was confronted by police who informed her that she was violating non-existing rules about “gatherings.”

“Seriously, do the birds have COVID as well?” asked a stunned onlooker. reports: The pensioner was forced to leave the area or she would have presumably been fined or even arrested.

Another video clip shows around two dozen police officers marching through Hyde Park in military fashion before stopping to demand IDs from people.

he officers demand proof that the individuals live in the same household, information that most normal forms of identification wouldn’t even show.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce yet another national lockdown at 8pm tonight.

Brits will face even tougher restrictions on their freedom of movement yet the borders will remain wide open.

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