California Governor Demands More Federal Funds To ‘Fight Trump’

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California Governor Jerry Brown demands more money to fight Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown is demanding an increase in Federal funding so that he can fight the Trump administration. 

Brown’s plan includes an increase in funding for the US state’s Democratic attorney general so that he can create 30 new positions across the country that will fight Trump’s travel ban and attempt to halt the construction of a US-Mexico border wall. reports: The move comes as Democratic attorneys general across the United States have assumed lead roles in opposing some of the Republican president’s agenda.

In the revised budget plan, the California governor proposed a $15 million rise to expand legal services for immigrants seeking legal status in the US as well as fighting deportation.

A 6.5-million-dollar increase was also requested for California’s Department of Justice to address “various actions taken at the federal level that impact public safety, healthcare, the environment, consumer affairs and general constitutional issues.”

“The department has expended over 11,000 hours of legal work in response to federal issues since Trump’s inauguration in January,” Brown’s office stated.

The outspoken governor also took a jab at California House Republicans who voted for the health care bill proposed by the new US president.

“They weren’t sent to Congress just to take orders from that crowd of Donald Trump,” Brown said. “I really don’t understand why those people, particularly in swing districts, are following the dictates of Donald Trump. I think they should think about their constituents, their families. They’re going to have to do penance for it.”

Since his inauguration, Trump has faced nearly non-stop protests and rallies condemning his divisive rhetoric and controversial immigration policy.

Trump’s first month in office was dominated by a battle over his temporary travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries and harsh personal criticism of federal judges who blocked his immigration order. The order was later revised.

Building a wall on the US-Mexico border to stop the influx of Hispanic migrants coming from Central America was a hallmark of Trump’s presidential campaign.

During his campaign, Trump characterized Mexican migrants living in the US as murderers and rapists and pledged to build a wall that he said Mexico would pay for.

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