Many Fooled By Report Of David Rockefeller’s 6th Heart Transplant

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A story that has been catching on like wildfire is that David Rockefeller has undergone his 6th heart transplant at age 99.  This “report” has caught on in the alternative media, with the report being copied on many website, mainly because the mainstream media have remained extremely quiet on the subject – maybe because it is a fake news story from an “out and proud” fake news site!  

According to the article from World News Daily Report,  it has been confirmed that 99 year old David Rockefeller’s sixth heart transplant was a success.  The elder Rockefeller is recovering in his mansion on his private Island.

If you ever have doubt over an article or sources authenticity, check out‘s “Don’t Be Fooled! A Guide to Fake News Websites” – it really helps.  

The article by World Daily News Report said:

The heart transplant surgery, which lasted 6 hours and was done by a team of private surgeons at his principal residence, on the family estate in Pocantico Hills, New York, doesn’t seem to have tired the legendary business man known for his dynamism and cunningness.

His first heart transplant occurred in 1976 after a dramatic car accident led him to suffer a heart attack. He was operated 24 hours later and up and jogging a week later.

David Rockefeller will be resting for the next weeks in his Hanuatu Island complex after he underwent successfully his sixth heart transplant in 42 years at the venerable age of 99.

The 99-year old man allowed reporters to ask him a few questions only 36 hours after the operation, a testament to the sturdy health of the American icon.

“Every time I get a new heart, it is like the breath of life is swept across my body. I feel reenergized and alive”  he told reporters.


Asked about the secret to his longevity, Mr Rockefeller explained a simple life is the way to go.

“People often ask me this question and I always answer the same thing: Love life. Live a simple life, play with your kids, enjoy the things you have, spend time with good loyal friends” he acknowledged with a kind smile.

“I’ve made a lot of money in my life, but I’ve given most of it away. There is no point of having if you can’t share” explained the renown philanthropist.

The man that has also had two kidney transplants in 1988 and 2004 is still extremely positive about his health and hopes to live up to 200 years, he told reporters jokingly and in good spirit, only hours after his operation.

Funny, but not true.  Were you fooled?

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