Climate Czar John Kerry Has MELTDOWN After Being Caught Lying About Private Jets

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President Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry, who is demanding everyday Americans stop flying to reduce their carbon footprint, threw a temper tantrum on the US House floor after his routine and hypocritical preference for private jets was raised.

Kerry has faced longstanding accusations of exhibiting hypocrisy by traveling worldwide in his own private jet, all while advocating for the general public to make sacrifices in their daily lives to combat climate change.

The Republican-led House Foreign Affairs Committee’s oversight subcommittee summoned the former secretary of state to address various inquiries during Thursday’s hearing.

During the proceedings, Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) raised a pointed remark towards Kerry, suggesting that it might have been challenging for his “operational team and private jet” to facilitate his presence at the hearing.

Mills proceeded to interrogate Kerry regarding his promotion of Chinese solar panel production while disregarding the issue of child slave labor employed in the manufacturing process.

Kerry couldn’t let the private jet comment go, however.

“I just don’t agree with your facts, which began with the presentation of one of the most outrageously persistent lies that I hear, which is this private jet,” Kerry shot back after failing to explain why he won’t promote American manufacturing.

“We don’t own a private jet,” he then claimed. “I don’t own a private jet. I personally have never owned a private jet. And obviously it’s pretty stupid to talk about coming in a private jet from the State Department up here. Honestly, if that’s where you want to go, go there.”

Kerry caught lying under oath

During Thursday’s hearing, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) followed up by reminding Kerry he was under oath.

Waltz continued by entering into the record a Fox News report from February that documented how Kerry’s family sold their private jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, to a New York-based hedge fund.

“Yes, my wife owned a plane and she sold the plane, I have flown on it,” Kerry then admitted.

However, he maintained that he does not fly on a private jet.

When asked if he has ever done so since being in his current position for the past two and a half years, Kerry replied, “Possibly once.”

Waltz then lectured Kerry that “When we are asking Americans to make serious sacrifices for the common good … that smacks of hypocrisy [and] it actually hurts your cause.”

Kerry has previously tried to lie and deny his private jet use.

In 2021, Kerry was spotted arriving in Martha’s Vineyard by private jet for former President Barack Obama’s birthday party.

However, the State Department issued a statement denying Kerry flew to the island on a private jet, despite photos showing him arriving on the luxury plane.

In March, Kerry also defended powerful elites flocking to Davos, Switzerland on private jets for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual summit.

Kerry argued that Davos elites offset the carbon emissions of their private jets.

“They are working harder than most people I know to be able to try to effect this transition,” he declared.

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Subcommittee Chairman Brian Mast (R-FL) then told Kerry that, in his current role as Biden’s “climate czar,” there has been no oversight or accountability of his work.

“Every time you travel to a climate summit or King Charles’ coronation, or the wedding of the crown prince of Jordan, you’re supposed to document the carbon emissions generated by your trip,” Mast told Kerry.

“Your office has failed to do so.”

Kerry then threw another fit and refused to name his senior staff.

“I’m not going to go through them by name because that is not the required process of the State Department,” he blasted.

In recent days, Kerry has been traveling in Europe with President Biden as a part of a massive motorcade convoy.

The motorcade was transported from the United States to Europe on huge cargo planes.

Biden and Kerry have also been as flying around in helicopters from place to place to have meetings about the “climate crisis” with foreign leaders.

During their visit, Biden warned that “climate change” is “the single greatest threat to humanity.”

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