Video: Shirley Temple Admits Hollywood Is Run by Elite Pedophiles

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Shirley Temple admits Hollywood is run by elite pedophiles

Shirley Temple, one of Hollywood’s most iconic child actors, admitted to CNN that Hollywood is run by elite pedophiles in an explosive newly resurfaced video.

A 1988 clip recirculating on social media shows Temple on CNN’s “Larry King Live” blowing the whistle on Hollywood pedophilia.

“When I left Fox, I went to MGM for one picture — thank goodness only one. And when I got there with my mother, we were separated. She went into the office of Louis B. Mayer, and I went into the office of Arthur Freed,” she began. reports: “He was going to talk to me about a movie he wanted to put me in. I’m 12 years old. And I thought he was a producer, but instead he was an exhibitor. And I’d never seen anyone naked before, except myself, so I had no clue about what was happening.”

“So, it struck me so funny. I laughed at him, and I laughed uproariously, I had tears, you know. And he got infuriated, he said, ‘Out! Out! Out! Go!’”

She said she learned the same thing happened to her mother upon reuniting with her after the “meeting.”

“I went down and met her in the lobby of the administration building. She came out very quietly from Louis B. Mayer’s office. And we walked hand in hand silently to the car, which was unusual. We got in the car, driving home I said, ‘Mom, you won’t believe what happened to me.’ And I told her what happened and she got kind of quiet and she said, ‘Well, you don’t know what happened to me.’

“We both decided we didn’t like MGM much, it was better at Fox,” she added with a laugh.

Temple also detailed her disturbing encounter with Arthur Freed in her autobiography.

“Temple wrote in her autobiography that on her first visit to MGM, she met one of the studio’s producers, Arthur Freed. During a private meeting, Freed unzipped his trousers and exposed himself to her, saying, “I have something made just for you.” She responded by giggling nervously, and he threw her out of his office. Freed went on to produce films such as Annie Get Your Gun (1950) and Singin’ In The Rain (1953),” reported. went on to explain how Temple was constantly fighting off Hollywood pedophiles during her brief film career:

For the entirety of her brief film career, Temple was forced to fight off sexual predators, as she was regularly groped, threatened, and terrorized by men. After she rebuked one Hollywood producer for his advances, he responded, “Look, I’m going to be a big executive. We’re going to have to get along… What I had in mind was just a workplace formality.”

“It may be in your contract, but not mine,” she replied.

“Sex is like a glass of water,” the man she simply refers to as “Wizard” continued. “You get thirsty, you drink. You want sex, you have it.”

Temple died in 2014 at 85 years old.



    • Everyone knew because PEDOPHILIA was NOT considered a big deal until the 1980s Not at all. It is the fashion crime since then when they raised the age of consent and BACK DATED it so that law abiding people were convicted of a crime that didn’t exist at the time they allegedly committed it.

    • Yes now they broadcast alleged pedophilia is its the biggest crime on earth They didn’t then And then pedophilia was only a crime committed against pre pubescent children, not teenagers like now. Having sex with teenagers was a different crime altogether until the 1980s It was carnal knowledge Not pedophilia like now.

      • You think you do. It’s known as the Jesuits theatre,. It’s always been run by a lot of Catholics and Jews and mafia. Kennedy owned Fox originally and snuff movies were made there then

        • And actually Fox was Shirley’s studio, and around the time Joe a Kennedy owned it too. Course they will talk about pedophilia but they won’t talk about making snuff movies.
          Shirley made them the most money of any female up until they had Marilyn Monroe. Look how she died And they had huge life insurance on her, and they hated the Kennedies then too Not to mention they were teetering on. bankruptcy and her death saved them.
          But they will talk about the casting couch.

  1. I saw her original screen tests when she was about 3 or 4 and she was wearing a dress so short it took no imagination to see she had no underwear on.

  2. What was that in ’88 on Larry King? A limited hangout?

    And then everybody forgot quickly as Meyer & Freed were long gone anyway?

    • Wake up Look around Do some research Pedophilia is a d has always been common as especially amongst the ruling class, the criminal class and the priestly class.

  3. Reading the article leads to the obvious conclusion that they didn’t want either her or her mother.
    She was sacked as a child star when the studio had finished with her. Literally sacked and given a day to clear off the lot from memory.
    When she did try to became an star as a teenager, and she did make a couple of movies as a teenager, they didn’t do much and rhe studios didn’t renew her contracts. Sour grapes aren’t uncommon. Which is not to say EVERYONE in the world knew Hollywood was full of sexual improprieties then because JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE was,. It was NOT just Hollywood. It WAS everywhere then.

  4. So called, “casting couches” were and are still a thing. Now they include young boys. Huge amounts of money, people with the power to distrubute that money, and young people’s ambitions can create situations that are unhealthy.

    • Always did. Healthy and unhealthy are a, matter of conditioning For centuries 12 was the legal age of consent and it was considered un healthy for a girl to not be married with kids by about 16.

  5. She mentioned one guy that wanted her to do, I guess, a nude scene and that was it.
    If I missed something, please give me the time stamp.
    Otherwise, just click bait

  6. Arthur Freed and Louis B Mayer are both NAZI “jews”. Wake up fuckers. End them and end the hidden tax on humanity.

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