Protesters Against Police Brutality Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge

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rally against police brutality

Protesters gathered around the United States to rally against police brutality and and the killing of unarmed black men.

The Organizers used social media to spread the message  using the #ShutDownA14 hashtag.

RT news reports that several arrests have been made in New York after protesters shut down Brooklyn Bridge.

They write: Tuesday’s nationwide event was organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. The group is demanding that “the murder of Black and Brown people by the police MUST STOP”; calling for “justice for all the victims of brutal, murdering police”; asking the court system to “indict, convict and send killer cops to jail” because “the whole damn system is guilty as hell”; and to “stop the repression targeting the protests” by dropping all charges against protesters.

“On April 14, we’re going to revive the spirit of Ferguson, that spirit of refusing to suffer the brutality of the system in silence. And we’re going to take it high. We have to get back out into the streets to declare that we’re not backing down, we’re not going away,” activist Carl Dix told the War is a Crime Organization.

In New York City, hundreds of protesters marched from Union Square south towards City Hall. The demonstrators shut down Broadway, participating in a die-in at the corner of Broadway and Houston, RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky reported.

The group converged on City Hall and the New York Police Department headquarters.

“We got a black president, black attorney general, black cabinet secretary of Homeland Security, but we haven’t had one federal prosecution of a policeman for killing all of those folks,” activist Dr. Cornel West told an audience, noting that one African American or Latino has been killed on average every 28 hours.

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