US Military Create California Earthquake Using Seismic Weapon

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Evidence is emerging that the recent California earthquake and its highly irregular pattern of aftershocks was a 'man-made event' caused by the US military, raising the possibility they have created and are now testing a 'seismic weapons system.'

Evidence is emerging that the recent California earthquake and its highly irregular pattern of aftershocks was a ‘man-made event’ caused by the US military, raising the possibility they have created and are now testing a ‘seismic weapons system.’

The magnitude-5.2 earthquake rocked Southern California early on Friday June 10, rousing residents from their beds around 1:05am local time. The quake struck on the San Jacinto fault, one of the most active fault lines in an active region.

Nothing unusual so far. California is riven by seismic faults and earthquakes are common.

But not earthquakes like this one.

‘Nature doesn’t do right angles’

Locals began reporting that they were experiencing an unusually high amount of aftershocks for magnitude-5.2 earthquake. When this issue was investigated by seismologists, it became apparent that the local reports were right – there was a sizeable cluster of aftershocks spread over an area of approximately 5 by 3 miles.

These aftershocks were of the scale you would expect after a much larger quake, showing depths of between 9 and 15km, as opposed to the main shock at 1.4km – leaving seismologists scratching their heads.

However it was when the aftershocks were observed using earthquake reporting software that things became really interesting.

Source:, 10 June 2016
Source:, 10 June 2016

Experts were shocked by the rectilinear, grid-like arrangement of the aftershocks. They were arranged in neat, easily discernible ranks and files and at one point even form an exact 90 degree angle.

A couple of hours later, after more aftershocks, the pattern changed – but still looked uncannily geometric with straight lines and right angles.

Source:, 10 June 2016
Source:, 10 June 2016

There is widespread agreement among people who have been tracking earthquakes and aftershocks online for years that nobody has ever seen an aftershock pattern like this.

The unnaturally perfect geometry of this pattern raises the question, are these aftershocks being precisely caused to occur in this grid-like pattern? And if so, who or what is causing it?

You might recall that last week it was widely reported in the mainstream media that an unnamed weapons test being run out of the USSA Navy’s China Lake weapons testing facility would disrupt aerospace GPS systems – known as GPS jamming – over California and Nevada for the next month.

The China Lake weapons testing facility lies just north of where this highly irregular earthquake took place.  The irregularly patterned aftershocks you can see in the images above took place in the militarized weapons testing zone.

Is the US Navy testing a ‘seismic weapon system’?

Perhaps it is a coincidence that this most unnatural earthquake, breaking nature’s rules and baffling seismologists, has taken place in a restricted militarized zone that just announced a GPS jamming exercise so powerful they had to warn civilians about potential disruptions to their lives.

But it almost certainly isn’t a coincidence. There is enough evidence to suggest it is highly unlikely this earthquake was a natural event, and highly likely it was an unprecedented military-made seismic event.

Which raises the question – what are they doing?  Are the military playing with fire and attempting to weaponize earthquakes?  In an already active area, the consequences could be disastrous.  And if they are creating and testing a seismic weapons system, who will they use this new capability on?

With the public’s anticipation of ‘the Big One’ – a hypothetical earthquake of magnititude-8 or more expected along the San Andreas fault – at an all time high, could the government be planning to create a large scale disaster, using the public’s expectation of the Big One as cover, in order to enact martial law and militarize a large region of the country?

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