Bono: ‘Trump Is Worst Thing To Ever Happen To America’

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Bono slams Trump for being worst President in American history

U2 frontman Bono has slammed President Donald Trump, claiming his Presidency is ‘literally the worst thing to ever happen to America.’

In an unhinged interview with Rolling Stone this week, Bono blasted Trump’s criticism of the press and said his Presidency “is surely the bleakest era since Nixon.” reports: “In the Western world, in our lifetime, there has never been a moment, until very recently, when fairness and equality was not improving,” the Irish rocker said. “There were setbacks, but it was as if the world was on a trajectory toward fairness and justice and equality for all.”

But then the election of Trump happened, Bono said, and then “People’s innocence had died. And a generation that had grown up thinking that the human spirit had a natural evolution toward fairness and justice was learning this might not be the case.”

“My attitude was, ‘OK, good. Now it is time we wake up and realize we can’t take any of this for granted.’ Big primates have been around a lot longer than democracy, and this dude who shall not be named – he is just a new manifestation of that big primate,” the 57-year-old said of Trump who he believes he can’t work with on policy “because you can’t believe what he says.”

“We got shook. Even in Europe, people have forgotten what fascism did to them. Whether it was fascism described as Stalin or Mao in the state communism, whatever you want to call it. It is forgotten.”

“We are actually going back to the way we used to be. The new normal is the old normal. That is terrifying. The demonizing of ‘the other’ has returned,” he added.

Bono also bemoaned President Trump’s criticism of the press, saying, “Democracy is a remarkable conceit that depends on an effective news media. So ‘fake news’ is not a fake threat. You have a post-truth president leading a post-trust country.”

“What also should be easy to read are the lessons the left and right need to learn from how this absurdity came about,” he continued. “It shouldn’t take a reality-TV star to read the boos and hisses of discontent people ready to roll the dice on business not as usual. We all need to do a better job of understanding where that anger and sense of displacement comes from.”

During a politically charged concert in New Jersey last June, the Grammy-winner praised the American media for remaining “vigilant” in the Trump-era.

Asked by Rolling Stone if there can be hope after Trump, Bono said, “I think the moment just has to be reclaimed. This is surely the bleakest era since Nixon. It surely undermines the very idea of America, what is going on now. And Republicans know it, Democrats know it – no one’s coming off well here.”

“We know some who should know better have tried to piggyback the man’s celebrity to get stuff done. They will live to regret it,” said Bono. “Before I went out against him in the primaries, I called a lot of Republican friends that I have and said, ‘I can’t in all conscience be quiet as this hostile takeover of your party and perhaps the country happens.’ And I made the quote, and I still stand by it, ‘America is the greatest idea the world has ever had, and this is potentially the worst idea that has ever happened to it.’”

Last January, U2 founding guitarist The Edge revealed that the band’s latest album Songs of Experience, which was released on December 1, was initially delayed because of Trump’s election.

In September, Bono ripped President Trump’s decision to rescind the DACA amnesty program. “It’s a strange place we find ourselves in. It’s dangerous out there when you have a little emperor there with a bad haircut and his finger on the nuclear arsenal. And a lot of people in silly costumes following me around. And then you have the dude from North Korea,” Bono said about Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.


  1. 1 John 2:15
    King James Bible
    Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

  2. Bono, (Illuminati puppet)- stick to music dip shit. Trump is a great leader/ president. Down with NWO/Soros/Killary

  3. Bono….the tax avoiding cretin with an ego much bigger than his miniscule brain. Who would listen to that arsehole !

  4. BONO (ignorant no talent moron) Why would anyone listen to a idiot from a different country who has no intelligence in what is happening here. Stick to you no talent job and create that ugly terrible music.

  5. They wanted to keep running the same satanical shit since George bush father till disgraced Obama who was supposed to pass the presidency to
    Hell-ary Clinton. Bono go fuck yourself.

  6. Bono should stick to his music and keep his nose out of other countries’ internal affairs. Would he prefer Uranium Hilary?
    Trump is doing his best for USA if only given half a chance by the Dems, the Media, and enemies within his own party and deep state. If given a chance both he and USA could be great.

  7. But silly Bono, Trump is trying to go back to the idea of what AMerica was. A country based on individual rights and freedoms, not on politically correct, Globalist, New World Order collective principles.

  8. Hey Bobo, President Trump has already done so much for the American people, so take a hike! If you come here, get out if you don’t like it, take Barry Soetoro Sobaka Parks (BHO) with you.

  9. After he’s made millions off the people here he now acts like a traitor? Send him back to Ireland or Canada, wherever he can find some Muslim love.

  10. Message to the non-U.S. Citizen, Obama knob-slobberer “BONER” –

    “Who TF are you to comment anything concerning Our Beloved Republic, a Nation that made you rich at that? You seriously need to GFY, hard.”

  11. Bono,u not qualified n u not the right man to speak about president Trump,so keep ur bs for urself,u n Others like u only traitors ,liers,bs personalities,u a puppet of nwo,go n play for ur masters! ur toxic as a man n as a musician,u mf puppet!!

  12. Shut the Fuck Up Bone Head. You soiled the White House, You soiled the 80′ and 90′ for me, You don’t pay taxes in your own Country, Your Charity is a fraud and so are you! So Shut the fuck up! Loser

  13. Me Hewson is a punk-ass little bitch that needs sent back to Loserville.
    And his band DOES have the worst rhythm section in rock.

  14. I do hope there’s an indictment for him also, which I think there is. The louder they scream about President Trump the more guilty they are! He’s one of them!!!

  15. Nov 1987 Bono condemns the IRA

    Nov 1995 Bono condemns France testing weapons

    Oct 2005 Bono says he doesn’’t campaign against the war in Iraq because his main priority is helping the poor and disadvantaged

    i guess being murdered raped and bullied by american soldiers was an advantage for the Iraqi people

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